Secretive Tips For Taking Care Of My Pet Bird

Secretive Tips For Taking Care Of My Pet Bird

Taking care of my pet bird is something that has become a lifelong passion. I have a pair of parrots, which I bought at the end of last year. I spent more time at home before buying them then I did with them when they arrived.

The first parrot we bought was very aggressive and overly affectionate. He immediately insisted on the first Sunday that I got home from work was to go taking care of birds. I went along with him to a few local parks in the town I live in. I was lucky enough to find two yellow winged Bewick’s, and our two parrots loved them.

Secretive Tips For Taking Care Of My Pet Bird
Secretive Tips For Taking Care Of My Pet Bird

Taking Care Of My Pet Bird

I had built up an interest in having my parrots as pets. Then, I began to realize just how much I wanted one to do with what it liked to eat. I remember the first day of their lives together. I had been feeding them on bread and peas the previous week and still found myself carrying both birds around to various different feeders.

One morning, I woke up to find them getting out of bed and quickly discovered they had left Yellow Winged Bewick’s for a pot of water. I thought they were too large to eat and so I thought I would feed them. I was quite happy when they didn’t seem interested in anything I put in front of them. It wasn’t long before I realised what I had done wrong.

On the first night, I fed them two pot-bellied ducks, and they did not like what they were eating. They pounced on me, scared me half to death. The second night, I decided to be really friendly with them and tried to put some corn on the table. Instead of eating it, they bit my hand and then turned to be more aggressive. The third night I noticed that they were pecking at my clothing and ripping off bits of it.

Taking Care Of Birds

That’s when I decided to keep my parrot for the rest of its life. I knew that the next morning I would come home to two birds pecking at my clothes. It would take a lot longer to get them into another material that I could use. That day I took the decision to put the birds away for the time being.

The decision was taken to take care of them immediately after their first two weeks of life. We lived in a small apartment and we were able to arrange their care fairly easily. The same couldn’t be said for the initial period when they were out of the cage.

As they slowly became used to the space and the smaller amount of space that they occupied, they did a very good job of adapting. Most of the time I felt they were contented but they were able to complain about the amount of space they had when they wanted some.

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I wasn’t a strict ‘never let them out of the cage’ type of person. The birds did get used to the fact that they had a small piece of land they could fly over to escape when they wanted to. At this stage, I was very careful to keep their cage doors closed so they could only move around when they needed to and not roam about when I wasn’t around.

My parrot has grown a lot over the two years. At this point, the two of us can no longer manage to fit our birdcages into the room we share. I don’t mind paying for the cage anymore and I find that I can fit in my husband’s room but not his office. It has meant that he has also changed his sleeping habits and now prefers to be lying down in his bed rather than in the cage.

Bottom Line

Secretive Tips For Taking Care Of My Pet Bird
Secretive Tips For Taking Care Of My Pet Bird

Our best friend has also had to adapt to the change as it has become impossible for us to lie next to each other and watch the birds each day. With the new bed in his bedroom and with the changing patterns that we observe with the parrot’s feeding habits, it has changed how he behaves around his home too. These are amazing tips for taking care of birds.

We haven’t come to the stage where we cannot see each other or if he even wants to see his beautiful bird perched on my shoulder anymore. It has all become so much more calming and we feel like parents to each other.

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