A Birdcage For Your Bird: Designing Your Own

A Birdcage For Your Bird: Designing Your Own

A birdcage should be a crucial part of your bird’s life. Why? For several reasons. The main reason is to give your bird the space he needs, and an opportunity to play, perch and flit about freely.

A Birdcage For Your Bird: Designing Your Own
A Birdcage For Your Bird: Designing Your Own

Do you know that birds enjoy playing with their toys? Birds love toys as much as you do, but to make the most of toys, you need to make them as safe as possible.


When you build a homemade cage for your bird, you can create the kind of cage he enjoys playing in. You can even get him to do tricks in his cage. It’s amazing what a little imagination and creativity can bring.

There are many types of cages available. These days you can even get cages that come with natural materials or plastic. Which one is the best?

If you are concerned about safety, I recommend getting a cage with an ordinary type of wood with no glues or paints. Wood is the safest material for most types of the cage, and wood is also very easy to clean and maintain.

Homemade Cage For Bird

However, if you want to design something that looks different and more like a natural cage, there are many designs out there. You can choose from wooden, acrylic, plastic, wire, and even wire that has a mesh on it. There are even some that come with a wire cover that you can remove and clean.

Let’s say you wanted to design a wooden cage that was on the open and easy side. That would require a cross frame for support. If your bird loves to flap around and play, that would be the way to go. With wire, you can add any color you like, including red and black.

One of the most popular kinds of bird cages is a dome-shaped one so that the bird can look around and see the world outside. You can buy a basic one and then upgrade as your bird grows up and becomes more adventurous.

Another critical aspect of a cage is the size. Just because your bird can jump in its cage, it doesn’t mean it can spend most of its time in the cage, hopping and flying.

The size of the cage is important. Some birds, like parrots, have wings that stretch out of the cage. In these cases, the cage has to be big enough for the bird to be able to stretch out, yet small enough that it can still fit in it.

A Birdcage For Your Bird: Designing Your Own
A Birdcage For Your Bird: Designing Your Own

Bottom Line

There is also the matter of having a proper feeder. A feeder is what keeps the food fresh so that you don’t end up with a lot of used up food. Some feeders have detachable balls that are placed inside them so that you can give the food directly to your bird.

Choosing the best thing for your bird’s cage is something that requires you to think about every step of the way. I suggest that you start by thinking about what kind of birdcage you want and how big the cage needs to be to house it.

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