A Guide To Vision Bird Cages

vision bird cage

A Vision Bird Cage is suitable for all small Passersines and some great little Psittacines. They’re highly recommended for parrot species, as rated by the American Red Cross because of their sociable, playful and natural nurturing nature. All Vision cages are certified HARI approved. The design of the cage is ergonomically designed and built to accommodate both free movement and durability.

The design has a slatted bottom to prevent damage from floor contact. This also prevents breakage of the perches in the cage. There are four adjustable perches with individually removable tops. The bottoms have perch height adjustments for easy finding of the perfect perch for a particular bird. The Vision bird cage allows birds to fly up and sit at the top of the cage with full wings spread showing off their beautiful style.

An Overview

A young boy in a cage

Cages have two side panels that can be raised or lowered to modify the amount of sunlight the cage receives. It is also available in a choice of a hardwood or plastic base with casters included. Many owners like to see how well the birds are able to grip the bars and move around in the Vision cages. All cages have an integrated locking system with secure door locks. There is no visible fencing in the design of the cage and no bars on the floor of the unit.

The design of the cage is designed to have a strong but soft sturdy base. The Vision Bird Cages has a deep base with multi levels and multiple types of perches to choose from. There are also different sizes of the bars to accommodate birds of all sizes. The deep base is made from durable rubber, which will not only protect the acrylic paint but will give the Vision Bird Cage a lifetime of use.

True Benefits

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There are many benefits of the Vision Bird Cages apart from looking good and providing a safe home for your birds. The bird cage will provide warmth under a cover to protect the bird during inclement weather. There is also a feeder which is attached to the unit and this gives the owner the opportunity to remove uneaten food and replace it with fresh bird food that the birds love. The feeder is removable so it can be moved around the house to ensure food availability for the bird cage.

It will give the owner the opportunity to monitor their bird daily activities without moving the bird cage. The deep base makes it very stable and the locking system offers secure access to the feeder and perches. This will help prevent unwanted guests to the bird’s dwelling. There are several different sizes of the Vision Bird Cage with various styles of perches, and the locking system will help prevent injury to the bird or injury to the cage by lifting the bird to access the feeders or perches. There are also several types of accessories available in the Style I and Style II designs.

Tips To Buy

Many people choose Vision Bird Cages because they have a deep interest in wildlife, birds in particular. There are several species such as the Arctic Char, American Cocktail Wren and Siberian Husky which are protected under legislation and are not allowed to be sold to consumers. These species need to be released into the wild periodically and are kept in bird cages when not visiting other humans. The Vision Bird Cages is an excellent and cost effective solution to this problem.


Vision Bird Cages comes in a wide variety of colors and finishes that will enhance the appearance of any home. They also have a one year warranty for cosmetic defects. There are several models of the Vision Bird Cage ranging from the inexpensive Vision Bird Cage Deluxe to the more expensive Vision Bird Cage Ultimate. The one-year warranty along with the fact that most are stainless steel and extremely durable help to make these cages worth their price. The cage comes with a carrying case and is often four times stronger than a plastic or wire bird cage which makes it much easier to transport.

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