All You Need To Know About Parrots -

All You Need To Know About Parrots

All You Need To Know About Parrot As A Pet Bird.

Pets are not limited to dogs and cats; these days exotic pets are popular and preferred. Parrots make a perfect pet for your home. With right home, parrots have the capacity of becoming caring and most – adored pet. However, the most important thing to do before getting a parrot as a pet is to understand the behaviour and care it requires.

What Is A Parrot?

It is a bird that comes in many colours. They come from a warm habitat for instance grassland and islands. On the other hand, few species like kea parrot prefers cold climate. Every species under this category is different the most popular being African grey, cockatoos, Amazon parrots, Macaws, and Cockatiels.   For a bird to be classified as a parrot must include two characteristics namely, it must have a curved beak and feet with four toes with two facing front and two facings backwards.

All You Need To Know About Parrot As A Pet Bird.
All You Need To Know About Parrot As A Pet Bird.

Three Essential Things You Need To Know About A Parrot

Firstly parrots are not trained like dogs; they are wild retains many behaviours and instincts of a wild bird. Next, all species of parrots are not the same, so it is necessary to learn the qualities of a parrot species you would like to get as a pet. Finally, this species of birds have a longer life span, small parrots like cockatiels can live somewhere between 20-30 years and larger species like macaws and cockatoos can live for 60- 80 years.

How To Care For These Birds?

As mentioned earlier every species differ in size and behaviour hence they do require different care. A cage is the most important need of a parrot, before buying one take into consideration the size of the parrot species you would like to adopt. Cage size must be large enough for a parrot to comfortable move, climb and spread its wings. Further, the size of a cage must be big to include food bowl, water bowl, and toys for your parrot to play with.

Additional keep the cage clean and place it in a room where they can interact. Further ensure the cage is round enough, as parrots feel safe in such area. Also, the ideal temperature for a parrot is between 65 to 85 degree Fahrenheit, do not leave the parrots in cold or outside especially during winters.

All You Need To Know About Parrot As A Pet Bird.
All You Need To Know About Parrot As A Pet Bird.

What To Feed Parrots?

The diet of a parrot needs to be nutritious; they would like eating seeds and pallet mixture available at a pet store. Besides this, a parrot can be feed with fruits and vegetables for example bananas, carrots, peas, green beans, apples, and berries. Macaws like nuts such as pistachios and pecans. However, before feeding the bird ensure the food is thoroughly washed in the case of fruits and vegetables.

Onions and avocadoes should never be given to a parrot as they are toxic and result in health issues for them. Besides do not feed a parrot with any anything containing caffeine, too much sugar, salt, cabbage, eggplant, and honey.

In conclusion, one thing you need to remember about parrots is that they are social animals that require your attention and help in grooming.

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