Amazing Facts About The Eagle

Amazing Facts About The Eagle

The world is full of different species. Facts about the eagle are very interesting. Be it humans, animals, birds, or plants; there is a wide variety in all of them. Every corner of the world has something unique and exclusive fauna or flora which cannot be found at any other place.

There are many living organisms that have unique abilities and features which make them special from all other organisms. One such bird is Eagle. Eagle is synonymous with power. Countries like the USA have an eagle as their national bird.

Eagle has so many characteristics and abilities that set it apart from any other bird in the world. Some of the fascinating facts about the eagle are discussed below, have a look at them.

Amazing Facts About The Eagle
Amazing Facts About The Eagle

Different Species Of The Eagles

There are more than sixty species of Eagle. The majority of these species are found in the continents of Europe and Asia. Some of the other countries like Australia and the USA which have the remaining of the species of the eagles. We also see many eagles in counties in southeast Asia like India, Pakistan, etc. these are all of the same species which is most commonly found.

What Do The Eagles Eat?

Mostly all eagles are carnivores. There are only one species of this bird which preys on fruits and palm trees, this species is found in the Saharan desert in Africa. It is known by the name of the fish eagle.

Sizes Of The Eagles- Facts About The Eagle

Harpy and Philippine eagles are the largest eagles in the world. These two species have a wingspan of 250 centimeters and even more. That means they are as big as 8 feet. These two prey on animals as big as goats, deer, monkeys, etc. They are capable of lifting a weight of 30 kg and even more.

Stronger Sex In The Eagles- Facts About The Eagle

Female eagles are found to be much stronger and bigger in size than the male eagles.

Surviving Of The Sibling Eagles

There are species which lay only two eggs. Out of the two, the one which is bigger and stronger kills the weaker after they are hatched. It has always been this way, and the parent eagle allows it to do so. Maybe that’s how the family works in their case.

The Sharp Eyes Of The Eagle- Facts About The Eagle

The eyes of the eagles are made of millions of light-sensitive cells in the retina. This is almost five times greater than that of humans. In comparison to the humans, the eagles can see the five colors while humans are capable of seeing only basic three. This is the reason behind the sharp eyesight of the eagles. They can identify even the smallest prey from the largest of the distance.

Amazing Facts About The Eagle
Amazing Facts About The Eagle

Migration From One Place To Another

Some eagles migrate and fly across the globe according to the seasons, but there are some who stay at the same place from all their life, from the time they are born to the time of their death. They generally live in hot or warm climates; if the climate is suitable for them, then they stay there forever.

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