An Ultimate Guide On Bald Eagles

A close up of a bird


Bald eagles are a type of eagle that has bald feathers on their head. bald eagles are very respected for many reasons. Bald eagles are one of the national symbols of America. They are powerful fliers, soar over large areas before swooping down to grab their prey with their sharp talons. bald eagles’ long and almost invisible feathers give bald eagles their distinctive silvery-golden color. The bald eagle is the national bird of America. Bald eagles are known for their supreme ability to see prey from very far distances. They are also called halibut eagles, gorillas of the skies, and seahawks.


A close up of a bird

Bald eagles are also bigger. Bald eagle pairs mate for life, and they use the same nest, or eyrie, year after year. Bald eagles build their nests tall in tall trees with good access to food, near water where they feed on fish. Bald eagles have a white head, tail, and underparts with brown wings and back. bald eagles have yellow beaks and feet. Bald eagle eyesight is about 4 times better than that of humans. Bald eagles weigh 7-14 pounds. Bald eagles’ wingspan is 6-7 feet. They are about 30 inches tall. Bald eagles build nests in large trees near water where they feed on fish. They stay in their nests for 35-53 days. Bald eagle eggs are white, and the baby bald eagles are covered with creamy yellow down feathers.

What They Eat:

A close up of a bird

Bald eagles eat almost any kind of meat, including fish, waterfowl, turtles, snakes, small mammals, other birds, and carrion. Bald eagles are powerful fliers. They can dive at speeds of 100 mph to grab prey with their sharp talons. They can lift more than half their weight into the air. Bald eagles have powerful talons that enable them to catch their prey. When they’re hunting, they fly very low over the water, searching for fish swimming near the surface.

Where They Live:

Bald eagles live near large bodies of water in North America. At one time, bald eagles were an endangered species due to hunting and loss of habitat. They have made a comeback with a ban on hunting and laws for protecting their habitat. Now there are more than 10,000 bald eagles in America. Bald eagles have disappeared in the eastern part of the country, but they are still present across much of Canada and Alaska.

What They Do For Fun:

Bald eagles mate for life. When bald eagles are sleeping, they tuck their head in their shoulders to keep their feathers from getting wet. When bald eagles are flying, they form the letter “V” with their flock. Bald eagles can use one of their legs as a pillow when resting. Bald eagle mating season is from December to February. The female bald eagle lays one egg every other year. Females do all of the incubating and nurturing until the young can leave the nest.


Bald eagles are one of the most respected animals in America. Bald eagles mate for life, build strong families and protect their nests with ferocity. Bald eagle’s powerful bodies, sharp talons, keen eyesight, and extraordinary navigation ability make them true survivors.    It makes sense that the bald eagle would be America’s choice as a national bird. Bald Eagles belong to the family Accipitridae which includes hawks, eagles, and kites.

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