Angry Birds Type – A Game Review

angry birds type

Have you ever seen the Angry Birds game? It is a very simple and entertaining game. As a matter of fact, it has become so popular that it is being downloaded from different sites every day. Many people enjoy playing this physics based game because they want to feel the excitement that they get whenever they play this game. They also want to have the ability to have a control on the direction of the wind that is generated in the environment of their game.

In order for you to have the right to control the wind in your game, you have to learn about some of the factors that will affect the wind in the environment of your game. This is what we will be talking about in this article. Let’s go over each factor that will have an effect on the wind in your game:

Cloud Cover:

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This is the first factor that we will talk about the wind in the environment of the game. The cloud cover will basically block all the flying objects like the small trees and will make the overall visibility low. So, the player should always be careful about going near the cloud because he might encounter some enemies or obstacles in the process.

Number Of Flying Objects:

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There are a limited number of flying objects that can be found in the game. You cannot use all of them in order to have a complete set of options for the wind. If you want to have more options, you can try to add more flying objects in the game. But, keep in mind that more flying objects mean higher chance of encountering other flying objects which will make it more difficult for you to control the wind in the game. It is all about having the right control at the end of the game.

Number Of Moving Objects:

You will notice that there are a limited number of moving objects in the game as well. You cannot use them all in order to have an ideal environment for the game. Some of the objects included are the boats, balloons, birds and many others. You can choose the specific category for these moving objects. The game is suitable for the people who love playing games with limited moving objects and you can even adjust the controls for them to make them more exciting.

Control Tower:

The control tower is another important aspect of this game. The purpose of the control tower is to provide a better flying experience to the player. The main purpose of it is to guide you throughout the entire game. If you are playing the game for the first time, I suggest that you do not try to take control of birds unless you have a good connection with the remote screen.

In the beginning, you will need to learn how to control your character well so that you can eliminate the birds easily. As you advance in the game, you will gradually be able to maneuver your character and take control of flying objects. If you are playing on a tight control tower, you can try to destroy its top section with a bomb. This will allow you to gain access to the different levels of the game without much difficulty.


You should keep in mind that this game is intended for those who are looking for a simpler form of Remote Control Game. This means that there are less complicated strategies involved. If you are familiar with the real-life remote control flight, you will feel right at home when playing Angry Birds Type. The game play is very simple and it allows the user to enjoy the game play without too much difficulty.

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