Angry Birds Type Games You Got To Check Out Today

angry birds type games

Angry Birds Type Games You Got To Check Out Today

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Remember Angry Birds? There’s hardly anyone who won’t remember it. It remains one of the best games ever developed, even though the concept was extremely simple to say the least. Just go back to the days of playing with slingshot. All you need to do is correctly assume the position of the strike based on the power and release angle. And, for those who love physics and geometry, this became a fun challenge as well! The strategy game used the laws of physics along with geometry to perfection to create something that’s fun, exciting, and extremely engrossing! But, what do you do once you have conquered all of Angry Birds levels and versions? Well, you get on with the next game just like it! And, believe me when I say, there are plenty of hidden gems here to take you by surprise. Let’s find out!

Best Angry Birds Type Games You Need To Explore

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The app store might be filled with many copycats and worthless apps, but few games certainly take us by surprise! And, these Angry Birds type games are far from being worthless copycats.

This innovative take on tank game can certainly be related to the Angry Birds strategy. You get to collect various types of tanks and upgrade them as you progress, each coming with a different pattern of ammo and damage style. You will have to place you tank strategically and hit your opponent using trajectories almost identical to Angry Birds. Thus, you get to use some geometry and physics as you aim to destroy your opponent in the shortest number of hits. The online version allows you to face off against other real players. This is definitely among my favorite games out there.

The single-player puzzle and shooter game by Mibix will get you hooked in no time. You get limited ammo to take out a number of enemies, and you have to get creative to do that as you try to use minimum bullets to cause maximum damage. This game is quite challenging for those who love puzzles. It’s perfect if you want to have some fun while also having to use your brain to get creative to reach the solution. The simplistic and smooth gameplay and graphics are added benefits.

This is yet another game that gained quite high popularity, and if you are yet to play this, go on and download right away. You have to cut the rope, quite literally, in the game, to make everything fall into place while causing maximum damage. And, don’t forget to get your little mascot all the sweets it deserves.

If you are bored by the games always wanting you to destroy things, try this one for a change. You got to build stable structures using the goo balls to reach the exit at the end of each stage. Yet again, extremely interesting, challenging, and entertaining, this game is sure to keep you hooked for long, as you try to find the right solution.

So, which one have you heard of before? Would you like to add to our list? Let us know and enjoy these games!

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