Australian Birds: A Look At The Birds Of The Land Down Under

Top Australian Birds to Watch and Where to Watch Them

Australia is the home to over 900 species of unique birds and found everywhere in Australia from the urban parks to farmlands and central deserts to rain forests. You will find amazing Australian birds. Whether you are birdwatcher or not, the following are the top birds to watch in Australia and where to watch them.


The Cassowary is the largest bird after Emu. It’s one of the exciting birds to find and watch in Australian wildlife. The best site to watch Cassowary is in the Mission Beach, Far North Queensland. The birds roam around the beach and the compounds of the lodges within the town.

Australian Birds: Shy Albatross

Shy Albatross is one of Australia’s birds that only breed close to the mainland in Australia. The shy species can easily be seen on all Australia’s coast. Cape Nelson cliff-top, Victoria, is the best place to watch the Albatross. In this view, you can also catch up with the monthly bird watching trip that heads to Tasmanian ports from Victorian.

Little Penguin

Top Australian Birds to Watch and Where to Watch Them
Top Australia’s Birds to Watch and Where to Watch Them

Little penguins are the icon of Australia. You can watch the birds’ parade at Philip Island, Victoria. The show is an excellent view. However, it doesn’t feature a large crowd of Little Penguins. To see the smallest penguins in the world, visit the Tasmania Islands.

Australian Birds: Malleefowl

Gluepot Reserve protects the Malleefowl together with other unique and threatened birds. Malleefowl is a special bird that incubates its eggs in composting mound leaf litter. The litter is mixed with sand to give proper aeration to the decomposing leaves.

Australian Birds: Weebill

Weebill is a common bird species in Australia. Most of the birds are in drier woodlands and mainland states. Weebills are also the smallest birds in Australia. They attract visitors with their whistling call that sing loudly, “I am a weebill.”

In Australia, there is no specific place to watch weebills. Just listen to their whistling call.

Regent Bowerbird

Bowerbirds are commonly in Sultanas. The males have a golden splash color. The best place to watch the regent bowerbird is at the Lamington National Park located southeast of Queensland.

Major Mitchell Cockatoo

Australia is known for having wild cockatoos and parrots. The Major Mitchell Cockatoo is among the most delightful species of birds to watch in Australia. The bird has a beautiful suffusion of splash yellow crest and a suffusion of pink. And to watch the birds, the Eyre Bird Observatory park is the place to go.

Rainbow Pitta

Rainbow Pittas are dream birds for most birdwatchers. The birds have a brilliant plumage. In Australia, the birds are common within the vine thickets in the capital city. To watch the birds, try walking around East Point Reserve in the Northern Territory of Darwin.

Superb Fairy-wren

For many years, the magnificent Fairy-wren has been voted the best bird by Australia Birdlife Members. The species is common in Australia Eastern seaboard. They are also found in the botanic gardens of both Sydney and Canberra.

Gouldian Finch

Top Australian Birds to Watch and Where to Watch Them
Top Australian Birds to Watch and Where to Watch Them

Gouldian Finch is one of the most threatened birds in Australia due to habitat loss and modification. The species is also one of the most colorful birds. To view them in large numbers, go to the Australian Wildlife Conservancy.


From weebill the smallest bird to Cassowary the largest bird, Australia is a great destination to watch birds. Carry your camera and be ready to collect memories every time you are in Australia.  

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