Awesome Tips About Falcons Birds From Unlikely Sources

falcons birds facts

Falconry is a sport that has been around for centuries. The word falcon comes from the Latin word meaning “wing”. Falconry is the practice of using birds of prey as sport or entertainment.

While it is nearly impossible to accurately determine how a falcon will fly, there are a few things that can be considered common. Most falcons have short, stocky bodies and long, narrow wings. They have two toes that are webbed, rather than clawing, and they have short tails. Their wings are covered with large feathers that aid in flight, although there is generally no ornamental decoration on the upper part of their wings. The head of a falcon is often covered with a pointed crest, much like that of a turkey.

A Very Popular Sport

A hawk flying in the sky

Falconry is a very popular sport and it can be practiced by anyone who is willing to put in the time and effort. While most falcons cannot fly extremely fast, they are excellent swimmers and are capable of staying aloft for several hours after their initial flight. They are good climbers and are used to take quick, erratic flights up into the air. Most of these birds can easily glide for short distances in mid-air and their tail acts as a rudder while they are gliding.

One of the most fascinating things about falcons is their wide variety of diets. These birds specialize in eating a variety of birds, but they also enjoy the meat of rodents, fish, insects, and small reptiles. Unlike some other species of birds, a common diet of a male falcon consists of a single female falcon. While a female does eat more, she will typically only do so after she has already bred with one mate.

Specialized Diet

A bird flying in the sky

Because of their specialized diet, these birds are not often involved in fights, and they are very rarely targeted by predators. Unlike hawks and eagles, falcons do not make any noise while soaring. They are also known for their long lifespan, sometimes living for decades or even centuries. Many people prefer to keep them as pets and others find that they have great value as members of a family. One reason why falcons are so popular with bird owners is that they love flying around, and they will happily circle around in a wide variety of poses, whether stationary or in flight.

One interesting fact about falcons is that they are not commonly born in captivity. This is probably because their natural habitats are remote from humans, making them easy targets for poachers who can easily catch and kill wild falcons. There are, however, several conservation projects in various parts of Africa where the birds do go to live, usually in schools or with falconry groups. Many conservation efforts have been successful in helping these majestic birds rebound from near extinction and turn into friendly and sociable creatures that are comfortable around humans.


In general, it is difficult to find falcons for sale, but there are several sources that offer them. Records show that the population of African falcons has been slowly increasing over the last century or so, thanks in large part to falconry. If you are looking for a falconry partner, it is important that you purchase from a reputable source. Not only should you be sure you are purchasing the right kind of falconry equipment, you will also want to buy from an ethical source. The best way to learn all of the falcons birds facts you could ever need is to research everything there is to know about these amazing birds.

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