Best Bird Cages for Budgies

Best Bird Cages

Choosing the best budgie cage can be difficult. You don’t want an enclosure that’s so big it’s impracticable and can be escaped from. At the same time, you don’t want something too small or lacking in features. This guide will help you decide what makes a great budgie’s cage as well as what to look for and how to set one up in your home.

Yaheetech 69 Inch Large Iron Parrot Cage

A close up of a cage

Gorgeous and spacious large birdcage ideal for Budgies. Three tiers with connecting ladders will keep your Budgie both exercised and entertained. This extra-large metal cage is covered with non-toxic hammertone paint. This makes it not only rust-resistant but also water-resistant – extending its longevity.


  • Great size
  • Able to house more than one budgie
  • Easy access for cleaning, refilling food and water, and placing toys
  • Includes two toys
  • 0.4’’ bar spacing means it’s secure for small birds


  • Takes up a lot of room
  • Doesn’t have means of containing the mess well, especially as it’s so tall, but this can be improved by placing the food and water containers lower to the ground

Vision Cage/ Home for Birds Tall, 60.9 x 38.1 x 87.6 cm, Medium

A parrot sitting on top of a cage

Tall horizontal wire cage gives additional space for your budgie to explore.


  • Good for containing the mess
  • Great for budgies who are allowed to roam outside of the cage


  • It’s a little bit narrow; however the bar spacing on the larger version is not suitable for budgies, and the length and height make up for it as well

Prevue Pet Products SP42614-4 Flight Cage, Brown/Black

Spacious, affordable and with two large front doors.


  • Plenty of room for a budgie to fly around
  • Large front doors for easy access
  • Can house two budgies


  • A little bit narrow
  • The wire on the bottom of the cage will probably need to be covered with something safer for your budgie’s feet

Yaheetech Large Parrot Bird Cage

This one is a stylish cage for your little birdie.


  • Spacious cage
  • Can house two budgies
  • Comes with an option of an open-top with a perch, though this usually works better for larger birds
  • Stylish, one of the best-looking cages, and will fit into any room


  • Takes up a lot of room
  • Curved design means that the top of the cage won’t be utilised completely
  • Slight concern about the spacing between the top doors

Prevue Pet Products SP1804-3 Flight Cage, Lilac/White

This cage is a very comfortable and stylish option for your little pet.


  • Comes in multiple colour options
  • Easy access to food and water


  • Not very sturdy
  • Small door means it’s not easy to access the base without detaching it

 Rainforest Peru Small Bird Cage

This one is a small cage for your beloved pet.


  • An elegant cage which will look great in any room
  • Easily transported between rooms on a stylish stand
  • The cage can be separated from the stand easily
  • Safe and sturdy with ~0.4’’ bar spacing


  • One large door is excellent for access, but it can be a risk with escapist birds

These are some of the best bird cages for budgies.

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