Best Birds For Kids: Top Five Friendly Birds

Best Birds For Kids: Top Five Friendly Birds

Best Birds For Kids

Birds are a wonderful group of creatures gifted by our nature mother. Biologically they fall in the Aves group. Birds are widely extended in all over the seven continents and human-friendly. From the study of the fossils, the birds are ancient habitats on this earth. We find this creature since the dawn of humanity. The colorful feathers of the bird attract kids to a full extent. Few birds are laborious make their own nest, and few make their nest in the backyard of the house, like a sparrow.

Best Birds For Kids: Top Five Friendly Birds
Best Birds For Kids: Top Five Friendly Birds

Fun Facts On The Best Birds For Kids

  • The Bee hummingbird is regarded as the smallest bird in this world. The length of the bird is two inches.
  • The ostrich is the world’s most giant bird.
  • There are more than thousands of species in birds all over the world.
  • More than 20% of the birds migrate per annum.
  • Many scientists believe that the birds are evolved from the theropod dinosaurs.
Best Birds For Kids: Top Five Friendly Birds
Best Birds For Kids: Top Five Friendly Birds

Top Five Best Birds For Kids


These are the brilliant and sweet birds for a kid. These are pet birds. They are of different colors, but the white ones are lovely. They can whistle well that mainly attracts the attention of the kids. The can talk even if we provide proper training. As a kid, they are also attention seeker and loves to play with toys.


These are the family of parrots. Parakeets are small in size and are smart and the best birds for kids. In comparison to a parrot, they are small in format and are delicate and soft. These birds are also of various attractive colors. They are comfortable in small cages and are the best birds for kids to interact attentively.


This blue-headed bird has its origin in the countries of Mexico and central and south America. Their feathers shimmer brilliantly, and thus the kids have a fascination towards it. The blue-headed, Maximillion, and the white-capped are used as pets widely. They are fruit lover and mainly fond of guavas. Due to their friendly nature, these birds are the best friendly bird for kids to keep as pets.

Finch And Canaries

Finches and canaries are the next best birds for kids. They have a high communications power through their sweet melodious whistle. These birds are mainly habitants of the Micronesian islands. Their age span varies from five to fifteen years and is approximately weight less than 1 ounce. A wild canary is a mixture of greenish-yellow color, whereas the domestic canaries are of different colors like white orange-yellow. They are always kept in couples.

Meyer’s Parrot

Another type of bird that we can keep as a pet is a Meyer Parrots. These species live mainly in the sub-Saharan and Eastern Africa. Meyer Parrots energetic birds. They are not much attention seeker. They keep themselves engage in their amusements throughout the. These chirping and playful nature are as similar as a kid. So they are a good option for kids. They are of different colors grey, brown mix with blue with a tint of green.


Birds are very attractive. Their different tones of chirping and chattering create excitement in a kid’s behavior. The friendship between animals and human beings are very popular throughout. Their loving nature is as pure as a child’s smile. Therefore these are the top five birds we can keep in our house, and they are the best birds for kids.

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