Bird Bath And Features

Bird Bath
Bird Bath
Bird Bath And Features

It is a man-made water basin for the birds to drink water and take a bath in it. The birdbath is an ornament for the garden and it should be maintained. It is a site of attraction for different species of birds during summer and drought conditions. These bird baths are a source of water on which the birds can rely throughout the year. A feeder of bird can only understand the birds and make them go around and come back to the bird bath.

Design And Construction Of Bird Bath

Bird Bath
Bird Bath And Features

The real birdbath is made of molded concrete divided into two pieces. Out of the two pieces one is the bowl and the other is the pedestal. The bowl is designed in such a way that it fits the pedestal perfectly. The pedestal has an average height of 1 meter. Both the pedestal and the bowl can be decorated with the help of bas relief. The birds are not concerned about aesthetics. They are just concerned about their thirst and bath things. So that needs to be well maintained for the birds to be relieved about this matter.

Reasons For Keeping The Bird Bath Clean

In order to keep the birds hydrated one should ensure the hygiene of the birdbath. This thing needs to maintained specially during the time of fall migration. As during this time the birds completely rely on your yards to keep themselves charged. Don’t forget to wash your birdbath on a daily basis. You also need to keep in mind to refill the water every day in the birdbath. If one doesn’t take care of birdbath it easily gets dried up. Thus, this won’t be able to help the birds in the hour of need.

Maintenance Of The Bird Baths:-

One should always keep their birdbath near the woody brush and the feeders. So that the seeds can easily muck up the water.

To keep the birds happy and chirping, construct a fountain or stream feature. This thing is also going to keep the mosquitoes away. Even the insects won’t lay eggs in running water. Thus, this resolves the issue.

For the cold winter days, you can install a heater as well to keep the water warm.

Bird Habitat

Birds love to feed themselves near a place to perch. Hence, while constructing a birdbath, this thing needs to be kept in mind. It should also be shallow enough in order to avoid the risk of a bird drowning in it. The issues of predators need to resolved by constructing them in a location where birds can see it. There should exist no places for predators to hide. One should not create unsafe places for birds to take a bath and keep themselves charged.

Constructing birdbaths near places where the birds can even feed themselves. Even the large birds are very attracted to bathing. Hence, it is a very better idea. So this thing is going to be a great advantage to them as well.

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