Bird Feeders – The Best Types Of Bird Feeders

Bird Feeders - The Best Types Of Bird Feeders

To attract birds to your backyard, the best types of bird feeders are essential. Bird feeders come in many different types, sizes, and styles, so it’s important to figure out what type will work best for you before you buy.

Bird Feeders - The Best Types Of Bird Feeders
Bird Feeders – The Best Types Of Bird Feeders

Fence-type bird feeders provide an enclosure for the bird to enjoy, without wandering all over your yard. There are many designs to choose from, and some cages can be moved to ensure maximum success. Some cages that come with a base that folds down for easy set up are not the best types of bird feeders because the base will usually need to be propped up for birds to view the feeder inside.

Bird Feeders

Decorative feeders come with a big attractive base, and a basket-like structure to hold the birdseed. This type of bird feeder is typically made from wire mesh. If you want to attract more than one species of bird, you may want to get a design with one perch on each side of the structure.

Most feeders are portable, and the cost of this type of feeder is less than the regular feeder. This means you can move them easily to attract the birds you want to attract. They have a metal band that hooks on to the trays for easy setup, and will usually use a bar system for holding the feeder open.

The newer designs that come with a “water bath” allow the bird to drink water as they perch on the feeder, rather than just soaking in plain water. Water is never wasted, so when the water reaches the top of the feeder, the water becomes part of the food source. It’s a simple mechanism, but will certainly help attract different bird species.

The Best Types of Bird Feeders

Bird boxes with an attached composting bin are another type of bird feeder that will do well in an aviary or natural habitat. For those who would like to attract several species, a combination feeder is the best type of bird feeder. This allows them to eat only birdseed that has been mixed in with worms and bacteria.

The best types of bird feeders are the ones that don’t attract too many predators. If you put one of these types of feeders outside, they will be more likely to attract mice, squirrels, and even bats. Some models are equipped with a leach tube to prevent attracting predators, and some are made to withstand salt spray.

Know More

The feeder should have two openings: one for the bird to feed itself, and one for the food to go down. When choosing a type of feeder, you should always choose one that will support the birds you want to attract. Birds naturally prefer dry food, and if you provide a full cage, they will not come back.

All bird feeder types are supposed to contain at least 50% organic seed, or this will attract other wildlife. That’s not too much competition for insects and other wildlife. The best types of bird feeders should be made of durable materials and well-made to avoid breaking.

Most people make the mistake of picking the cheapest types of bird feeders, but it’s usually not the right choice. You want your bird feeder to be durable and safe for birds to feed on. At the same time, you also want to make sure it’s safe for children and pets to eat from.

Bottom Line

Bird Feeders - The Best Types Of Bird Feeders
Bird Feeders – The Best Types Of Bird Feeders

To get the best of the best types of a bird feeder, get birdfeeders with a “no glass” guarantee. Glass is dangerous for birdfeeders because they shatter easily and birds can choke on their broken glass, causing a choking hazard. You can get a “no glass” guarantee by contacting the company.

While the best types of bird feeders are probably not the most expensive, it’s really a matter of personal preference. Whatever type of bird feeder you decide on, bird watching can be fun and rewarding.

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