Bird Raven Facts That You Should Know

Bird Raven Facts

Many birds are familiar with their identifying characteristics but knowing the general similarities and differences between different species helps you learn more about your particular bird. Raven and other corns share many common characteristics that are helpful in identifying them.

Know About Their Breed

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The common red-crowned bird, the eastern red-crowned raven or the white-crowned raven is an all black passerine. It is by far the most common of all corns found throughout the Northern Hemisphere. The eye of the bird is black with two narrow slits on each side of the pupil. The tip of the beak may be colored black or gray. The eye stands upright and droopy like that of a cockatoo.

Unlike most birds, the Red-Crowned Raven has gray upperparts including its face and tail. The body is white with small red spots on it including the throat and under tail. The underside of the wings is black. This species is often confused with the Black-Crowned Owl, Eelike Spider, and the Masked Spider since they all have a red throat. Masked spiders have a red-crowned upperback while Eelikes have a red mid-body and mask.

Like most crows and ravens, the bird eats a variety of foods. They prefer suet, small insects, carrion, and seeds. Sometimes the bird will eat smaller birds or mice. In the winter, the bird will have an oily substance on its breast called eula, which is its undeclared egg. It may also produce a whitish black discharge when threatened or frightened.

Seen In Woods

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The most popular place to see the Red-Crowned Raven is in the woods. You will see this bird more often at night searching for prey. This is one of the three common species found in the central U.S. They are also found in some parts of Mexico.

Raven is also one of the two birds that are considered to be a pest due to the damage they can do to wood. They will slash at the wood or fly through it. In addition, the adult birds can rob eggs and kill other birds when they are disturbed. Most of the times this problem is treated by specially formulated bird deterrents.

The bird is one of the most common causes of a bark collision. These collisions happen more often when these birds are parked close together in woods. If you see a red-crowned near an area with a lot of tall trees, then it is likely that a nearby road or railroad tracks might have struck the bird.

Maintain Your Bird Feeder

It is very important that you maintain your bird feeder and bird cage. This is important in order to attract the correct kinds of birds into your backyard. If you have a feeding station that is not maintained, you will have a whole flock of uneaten food on your hands. This will make your yard look unsightly and possibly dangerous.

Many people who own dogs believe that the dogs have to eat after they have eaten. If this is true, then the bird feeding station has to be cleaned frequently. The same is true of the bird feeder. You should clean it regularly to attract and keep the proper amount of birds in your yard.

Last Words

One last thing that you need to remember when providing food for these birds is that you do not have to purchase expensive bird food. Even the super-sized variety from the grocery store will suffice. The trick is in making sure that you provide quality food. You can find bird feeding station for very little money.

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