Birdcage Cleaning: Effortless And Time-Saving Methods

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Birdcage cleaning looks like a tricky task. Moreover, it can be difficult for new bird owners to find out how and where to start with lots of cracks, bars, and crevices. Don’t worry, if you are a new owner, we will give you a step-by-step guide on birdcage cleaning.

Deciding a cleaning and marinating regimen for your bird’s cage is crucial to perform this task easily and correctly. Dividing the work to be conducted daily, weekly, and monthly not only makes your job easy but also saves your time and effort.

Birdcage Cleaning: Effortless And Time-Saving Methods
Birdcage Cleaning: Effortless And Time-Saving Methods

Daily Cleaning

Dirty cages are the main cause of bird’s diseases. Certain cleaning like change the cage liner, clean water and food dishes, and wipe down surfaces must be performed every day. This will lessen the risk of infection and diseases in your pets. Follow these easy and effective steps to do certain cleaning:

Replace The Cage Liner: Apart from being comfortable, it is not good for a bird’s health to walk around in redundant dropping and foods. Dirty and unchanged paper can also produce bad stench. So, change the liner of the cage daily to avoid these problems.

Clean Water And Food Dishes: You should wash and birds water and food containers daily with mild dish detergent. This will kill the germs that lead to health issues for your birds. Plus, before keeping bowls back in the cage, don’t forget to rinse and dry them gently.

Wipe Down Surfaces: Apart from dishes cleaning, surface cleaning is also must. So, use a paper towel or damp rage to clean the cage’s surfaces and accessories like the perches, toys and bars as well.

Weekly Bird Cage Cleaning

Perform these tasks on a certain day each week:

Clean The Cage’s Tray: At the bottom of the cages, a tray is available on which the cage liners are placed. If it not cleaned weekly, then it can cause bird infections. So, you should be cleaned weekly and scrubbed with a cage cleaner and damp rag.

Birdcage Cleaning: Effortless And Time-Saving Methods
Birdcage Cleaning: Effortless And Time-Saving Methods

Change And Clean The Perches: Dirt and waste are also stuck on the perches that can make it a hub of bacteria. Perches should be scrubbed and soaked weekly to kill any bacteria’s that may be hiding from them.

Monthly Cleaning

Use a scrub brush: To scrub the base and bars of the cage, buy a scrub brush with high-quality and durable bristles. Also, you can use a cage cleaner to easily remove dust and dirt stuck on the cage that is difficult to get off.

Scrub The Cracks: The birdcages have plenty of crevices and cracks that offer a good chance to bacteria to grow. Use the scrub brush to clean the cracks and crevices of the cage. Moreover, make sure to scrub the corners of the cage.

Final Takeaway:

Cleaning the birdcage requires only a few minutes and efforts a day, but can possibly increase the life of your birds. Don’t forget to clean and maintain your bird’s cage daily to gives your birds a healthy environment!

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