Birds Are Animals That Are Found in the Sky

are birds animals

Of course a bird is a natural animal right? No way I would say so. But then again you may be surprised to learn how many times people are asked the question are birds animals? On this page I will explain exactly why birds are definitely animals. There are quite a few differences that are quite amazing and really not even remotely similar to any other animal I can think of.

Most people are quick to point out that birds don’t have legs or arms just like theropods or mammals. Yes these things are indeed animals but they do possess organs that are nearly identical to mammals. The eyes of Aardvark and Camelsaurus are almost identical to ours. Even their beaks and tongues look somewhat similar.

An Overview


Most ostriches and chickens have long beaks and small claws. This is absolutely true as the beak is used to scrape food from the ground and in the case of ostriches it is to make the best of their unique body plan. Long before man existed birds had evolved into such efficient predators and runners. They can even walk on their toes and have long, spiraling wings which look sort of like a pair of wings that a cat might use. If you were to ever pick up a baby chick from the air you would notice that the skin on its face is stretchy, as the chick is still covered with down.

One of the most amazing similarities between birds and dinosaurs is that both are capable of flight. Many believe that dinosaurs could have flown because of the design of their wings. They have large “wing spans” for their body size and these are much more like the wings of modern birds than the tail flukes of dinosaurs. The fact that dinosaurs have been around for millions of years makes them very well preserved and we are lucky that we have a number of fossils from when they were alive to study.

Interesting Facts on Birds


A very interesting group of birds are the oviparous birds or those that lay eggs. These are birds that have complex menstrual cycles just like the chickens and bees. There are many different types of oviparous birds including the hermaphrodite birds that lay eggs only in one kind of location (usually between two and three eggs). There are also oviparous birds that will change color during their monthly cycle such as the peacock.

Many people are surprised to learn that birds are not only animals that are found in the sky but they are also great pollinators. In addition to laying eggs, they also tend to eat the insects that are around them and they are great predators of other birds and insects. Some bird species are even specialized in hunting certain types of insects for their food. We have seen evidence of bird species chipping at insects, pulling them off their hiding places, and then eating them.

One of the biggest similarities between a bird and a mammal is in the way that they are classified. The fact is that both animals are alive and are classified as living things. They are both classified based on how they are structured as well as their organs and muscles. Therefore, both are animals that are capable of moving and have a nervous system.

Bottom Line

One key difference between birds and mammals is that ostriches do not have vocal cords that they use to communicate with others and they do not have complex brains. Because of this, it has been debated whether or not birds are mammals or not. Many people have been very keen on answering the question of whether birds are mammals or not but most just lean toward the side of the spectrum that says that they are birds.

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