Birds Are Vanishing From North America

The Half Male Bird And Half Female Bird

Birds slowly and steadily going to a declining path. The number of creatures in the United States, along with Canada, is declining at a high rate. However, the total bird population came down to 3 billion. One can even measure them with around a 20% decline from the last survey record. 

Birds Are Vanishing From North America And some Brief Details
Birds Are Vanishing From North America And some Brief Details

Birds; The Important Organ Of The Earth To Survive

The sky is getting empty day by day.the report on the decline of these are showing a significant decline, like around 29% from the year 1970. Therefore there are approximately 2.9 million fewer birds in the whole earth now. 

However, the scientist is making a lot of attempts to find out what is causing this situation to happen. However, the result report of the analysis shocked the researchers. 

On Thursday, at a conference, the head of the National Audubon society exclaimed that the reports show an excessive shocking report. It shows an excessive crisis in the avian population.

However, the experts well aware of the situation that there some bird species which were on the verge of extinction. However, the new study indicates that there are some 500 bird species close to extinction. Some of the are robin and sparrows. 

Well, studies also reveal that there are many causes, as well. Out of which the most important one is the habitat loss. The other most important reason for the loss is the excessive use of pesticides. 

Birds Are Vanishing From North America And some Brief Details
Birds Are Vanishing From North America And some Brief Details

A Planet Without The Avian Population

Rachel Carson’s prophetic book indicates the harm caused by pesticides. However, the book got to launch in the year of 1962. The name of the book is ‘Silent Spring.’ As the title of the book suggests, the lines of this book deal with the unsettling future world. The world which lost the species called the bird. 

The lines of the books went as such the morning in the past began with the melody of the chorus of the robin. There were many other creatures too, such as the jays, dove wren and many other birds. It the feeling the gave a beautiful blend of emotion that there is no other sound than the sound. 

The conservation biologist Kevin Gaston says that there is something colossal undertaking is going on. Something larger is at work to take its toll soon. However, he also comments that this nothing but a loss of nature.

Some common genres of these are essential to nature. They control the growth of the pests. However, they help out with the pollination. Moreover, they are helping the environment to regenerate when there is some need. They are helping out with the spreading seed and renovation of the natural setting. 

However, the decline in the common sparrow misses the attention. It is so because people are focusing on the deterioration of the historic loses bald eagles. They are more focused on the sand-hill cranes. However, the declining growth rate of the common sparrow will have a significant impact on the environment. 

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