Categorization Of Different Type Of Birds

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Our Ecosystem has very interesting creatures which make our surroundings or environment awesome. Birds are present all across the world, and they are one of the most beautiful creations of nature. You can see these birds with different colors, shapes, and sizes. This class of animals can fly up in the sky and lay hard-shelled eggs. There are different types of birds that you can categorize on the basis of their size, capabilities, color, and many more. We have seen many birds migrating from one location to another as they have great navigation skills.

Classification Of Different Type Of Birds

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These birds are classified on the basis of various factors such as kingdom, Phylum, Order, Class, Family, and many more. The classification of bird is not that easy, and the method which is used to get this classification is known as Science of Taxonomy. In this, the birds are classified on the basis of their similarities and differences. Just to make this classification more distinct and classified, we have different categories where these similar-looking birds can be classified if they are different in either class or family.

Order: In this category, we look for the biological features of the bird. There are in total 29 types of order. We can classify the birds as Dinornithiformes or Casuariiformes.

Family: All these orders are not divided into more than 200 families. As in the family, we look for a relationship with the different birds. As an example, the family Laridae has Gulls, Terns, and Skuas. These types of birds can be further subdivided into families.

Species: This is one of the most important classifications in taxonomy as there are more than 9000 species all across the world. As still different scientists find new species, so this number of species goes up and down.

Migration Of Different Type Of Birds

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We have seen that the bird migrates from one place to another in need of resources, and these resources are basically food and nesting. There are different migrators like permanent residents, who settled at a single place, Short-distance Migrators. They just move in a shorter distance, Long distance migration, as this type of bird travels a very long distance. These birds migrate from one location to another that to a very long distance because of their strong navigation skills. They naturally have those sensors and can understand the direction on the basis of the earth’s magnetic field, sun and stars.

Endangered And Distinctive Type Of Birds Species

There are many species of birds that are at the edge of extinction. There are more than 100 species of bird that are unique in themselves are going to end soon. There are different types of birds like Giant bis, California condor, kakapo, and many more. These are the result of human greed and unfair activity in nature. We have been continuously developing our cities with increasing pollution and many more factors which are resulting in the endangerment of these species.

Nature is full of various creatures, whether it’s human or birds. These all types of birds and wonderful creations make our nature more beautiful and peaceful.

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