Choosing The Right Bird Cage Veil For You

Bird Cage Veils

Most women around the world fantasize about their D-day since childhood. They want things to be perfect as per the picture in their minds. These things cover everything from guests and decorations to the apparel and themes. One of the most important parts of a women’s wedding dress is the type of veil she is going to wear. Bird cage veils that came into being back in the 1940s have now come back in fashion and are increasingly being loved by women around the world. So, here are some important tips that you must consider before deciding on your favorite bird cage veil for the day.

Bird Cage Veil Complementing The Wedding Dress

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Your veil should necessarily be suiting your wedding gown depending upon its size and design. If you are going for a short dress then your veil should also be kept shorter and around 9 inches wide, any bigger veil will make the top of your look heavy. While if you are going in for a traditional wedding gown and give your wedding a vintage feel your bird cage veil should be in proportion with the neckline of your dress and your skirt shape.

The Shape Of Your Face

Considering the shape and size of your face is an important factor for not just a veil but also every other accessory or style that accompanies you. This process involves determining the shape of your face initially. This will help to determine the angle at which the veil will be worn in proportion to the shape. The second step is determining the size of your forehead, which will, according to the height and width, help decide the size of your bird cage veil.

Your Chosen Bridal Hairstyle For The Bird Cage Veil

Your hairstyle for the wedding day will contribute much to finalizing your veil. Your hairstyle will determine your overall silhouette and the vibe you carry. So the veil must be such that it adds to the presentation factor. Veils are most suited with a traditional updo which creates more vintage feels than any other. However, you can consider a more relaxed and aesthetic look using a low bridal bun or loose curls. If you are adorning short hair you should go for a veil that is stitched to the headband to provide you with a clean and comfortable fit.

The Embellishments On The Veil

Now apart from just your featuring, you must consider the design of the veil. These veils are formed of the traditional diamond-shaped pattern which itself adds to the standard beauty. The veils can further be customized using crystal combs or feathers that can be positioned on the sides of the veils.


Choosing the veil for your wedding day is perfectly based on your preference and the image you have of your picture-perfect wedding. But you must choose the right veil for you using the essential tips which can guide you through your selection.

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