Cockatiel: A Beautiful Bird From The Land Down Under -

Cockatiel: A Beautiful Bird From The Land Down Under

Cockatiel Bird – A Beauty From An Australian Land

Cockatiel bird originates from Australia and are known as great pet birds. This parrot is known for its cuddly and feisty personality. They are pleasant house companions. The birds are available in beautiful and vibrant colors that grab everyone’s attention at once. These chirpy birds have got all the good points to consider as pet. Let’s know all.

Nature Of Cockatiel Bird

Cockatiels are an almost quiet kind of bird. Cockatiels belong to the parrot family and are the most favored option to keep as a pet. They have crested heads and graceful long tails. Also, they hold the exotic appearance of a cockatoo bird. More than talking, you will see that they have a whistling ability. They are also well known for their comic and playful nature.

Moreover, these birds love to socialize. They feel happy when people regularly interact with them as it will serve their friendly character. In fact, on getting proper attention by the owner, these birds will even survive gracefully without the need of any other bird in the cage. They are soft and elegant; thus, well-suited to keep as a pet. Your kids will also love the presence of these birds at home. Thus, they are excellent pet choices in birds category.


With kids around, they should be taught to handle the bird gently due to its delicate build. The bird can be housed in a large sized cage but should be ventilated and cleaned on a regular basis. Diseases can be avoided by proper maintenance of the cage.

Cockatiel Bird – A Beauty From An Australian Land
Cockatiel: A Beautiful Bird From The Land Down Under

Feeding Cockatiel Bird

Cockatiels feed on vegetables, fruits, and seeds most of the time. You may also feed them pellets as they are highly nutritious and beneficial for the parrot. They need vitamin A nutrients which are easily available in carrots, beets, and tomatoes.


Depending on the individual’s interest, the Cockatiel bird can be kept inside the cage or can be let free to roam around the place. It is always preferred to accompany the bird with toys for improving their mental health. The bird should be ventilated and kept clean for a peaceful environment and usually kept in pairs for mating.

Cockatiel Bird – A Beauty From An Australian Land
Cockatiel: A Beautiful Bird From The Land Down Under


Cockatiels can be trained easily by repeating words regularly. They are trained well to whistle, make sounds and have a good observation. They are known for their extraordinary flying skills and hence chipping is recommended for a good fly. The Cockatiel is very sensitive to hazardous fumes and, avoiding that would be advised. Exercising is advised for the health of the bird both mentally and physically, and hence, the bird should be free to roam about and not be inside the cage all the time.


So, if you are looking for small and easy to maintain pets they are your best bet. The cockatiel will boost the aura of your place and you will feel happy to have them. After all, pets give a kind of satisfaction and calm us down.

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