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There has been a lot of contestation over whether a caged bird should get a bird bath or not. After considerable research, it has been known that a bird’s cage can become messy with faeces, debris, shed feathers and seed hulls. Moreover, your pet bird may stink at times. The regular dust of your house can also infiltrate into the cage. In that case, the best solution would be to get a bird bath. It is only one simple accessory that can bring a difference in your bird’s life. 

About Multi-functional Bird Cage Basin

Having this basin installed in your bird’s cage will bring an end to all diseases and bacteria that your friend is susceptible to. It will help in keeping their plumage clean and in its best condition. In indoor environments, your bird’s skin can get dry. Hence, getting this bird bath fitted will help them to moisten their skin whenever required. Bathing is also said to be an entertaining and enriching experience for your bird. To keep them in good spirits, this bird basin becomes a must.

This bath can act as a pool for your bird because it is broad enough to cover your bird’s body. They can sit on it comfortably and easily splash around with their feathers. In terms of installation, the basin can get mounted on the cage. This whole process is hassle-free. Make sure that one does not overflow the basin with water. If you have a small bird, then fill the basin with only half-inch of water. Once you install the basin, make sure that you change the water periodically. It acts in two ways: one can use it as a bathing bowl while others can turn it into a feeding bowl. 

A bowl of water

Product Features

  • Material – This multi-functional bird cage basin is made using high-quality material, which is durable and reliable for long-time use. 
  • Spacious – The basin is spacious enough to accommodate at least two small birds. However, if you have two big birds, then you must get two basins. 
  • Accessories – When you order one, you will see that the basin comes with a small mirror and other accessories like screws. This mirror got included so that your bird can enjoy bathing.
  • Daily Bath – Some birds are bathed twice a week while others do daily. This basin is ideal for daily purposes. 
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This multi-functional bird cage basin is the best gift for your birds. However, the size can be a slight problem if your bird is quite big. In that case, you might want to buy two. 

Fun Time For Birds

The basin comes in a calming blue colour and somewhat replicates the soap dish that we use. It has a low price and will not burn a hole in your pockets. So, place your order now.

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