Different Types Of Pet Macaw Species Suitable For You

Different Types Of Pet Macaw Species Suitable For You

Different types of pet Macaw species can make great additions to your home. They are very happy pets and are easy to train, though they will still run away at the slightest provocation. Here is a brief look at the different types of Macaws available.

The first type of Macaw is the mainstay of any aviary. This is the macaw that has an orange bill and feet. When the parents are breeding, there is an increase in the size of the baby macaws that will be born.

Macaw Species

Different Types Of Pet Macaw Species Suitable For You
Different Types Of Pet Macaw Species Suitable For You

There are many kinds of macaws, including the cardinal and cockatiel. Both of these are popular types of macaws and can be found in any aviary. They can be separated easily, but one will always outgrow the other.

The second type of macaw species is the Red-shouldered Macaw. This is the type that is most commonly found in aviaries and most ornithologists recommend this one for being suitable for an aviary. However, it does tend to look rather strange in a normal cage as its much more slender build means that it cannot hold its own against other varieties of macaws.


Another of the different types of macaws is Moluccan Macaw. This one is not too common and is often kept in captivity. It is well-known for its temperamental nature and is one of the species that has been domesticated.

One of the main differences between the Moluccan and Red-shouldered Macaws is that the Moluccan has a very short tail. Its long tail is much longer than the red-shouldered variety. This gives it better maneuverability in the cage, but they do tend to fly off more easily than the red-shouldered variety.

Suitable For You

The third type of Macaw is Oriole. This is a tiny bird that is widely used in the world of parrot breeding. It is the smallest of the types of macaws and is quite rare. Unlike the Moluccan Macaw, it is not well-suited for being kept in captivity.

The next type of macaw is the Malay or the Golden-crowned Oriole. This type is a beautiful singing bird that looks a lot like the oriole but is smaller. It is known for having a striking coloration and for it being quite naughty. This bird is very rare, and therefore, needs to be handled with care.

The last of the three songbird species is the Blue Macaw. This is the most common type of macaw in the UK. It is also the most sought after for its brighter, more colorful plumage.

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One of the types of macaws that is less than pretty common is the Orangutan. This is the type that has lost most of its feather and is usually in dark-colored plumage. This is also a little more fragile than the other types of macaws.

It is not clear why some ornithologists recommend the olive-winged and some the Makua Macaws over the Red-shouldered and the Oriole. In most cases, the Olive-winged Macaws seem to have a more mellow temperament and are not as aggressive as the Oriole, the Red-shouldered Macaws are more aggressive, while the Manual Macaws are more playful and more docile. However, it would be difficult to get a Malay Macaw to stop running around and screaming on command.

Bottom Line

Different Types Of Pet Macaw Species Suitable For You
Different Types Of Pet Macaw Species Suitable For You

These are the types of pet Macaws that you should consider. For a closer look at different kinds of Macaws and other interesting facts about them, you should consult a reputable pet store specialist.

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