DIY Bird Cage And Specifics About Easy Bird Maintenance

diy bird cage

Has it happened to you too? Are you not okay with that constant feeling of boredom as well? Then DIY creative ideas can be a life savior for you. The concept of DIY, that is, Do It Yourself has its roots in the idea of quality outweighs pricing. You can decorate your house in your own way and style it within a budget. It encourages you to make better quality and pocket-friendly products. One of the many ideas is a DIY bird cage. One of the most resourceful reasons which will make you interested in DIYs is that not only it saves your money but also helps to save the planet through upcycling and recycling.

Here’s How You Can Build a DIY Bird Cage

A bird sitting on a chair

You need to determine the size of the birdcage. The number of birds will help you decide the size of the cage. You must build a cage spacious enough for your birds to fly around and exercise.

The wire you choose must be 0.0787 inches (2.00 mm) thick.

The materials you use should not be toxic to birds. You must choose the materials wisely.

You should build a strong framework. Having a sturdy frame of a cage is very important because as they say, you can’t come up with a great building on a weak foundation.

After creating the outer frame, attach wire mesh to each side and cut a 4 inch square in the middle of one of the frames. Cover the square with a 10 inch square of wire. Tip – wear gloves while cutting wires to avoid bruises.

Proceed Further

A small bird perched on a tree branch

Assemble the six frames together and join them with nails. Have a piece of wood under the cage for the bird poop.

Put the necessary items inside the cage-like water bowl, food dish, a perch etc.

These are the basic steps for a DIY bird cage. If you are planning to give shelter to a bird then this is the most inexpensive way to do so. If this is done correctly then you will not have to face the drawbacks of a homemade bird cage. You can build a cage at home from scratch.

Few Things You Must Keep In Mind Before Building a Bird Cage

You should not use cheap materials to build it. Your time and effort must not go to waste.

You must know the materials that are proven to be safe to house birds. You should educate yourself properly on this topic before deciding to build a cage. It has to be safe for your birds.

It is going to be a time-consuming project. You cannot build a cage overnight.

You should know how to construct a cage flawlessly so that your birds do not get injured in anyway.


If you have been doing DIYs and are confident about your skills then you should definitely give DIY bird cage a try. No one else will be prouder than yourself if you can pull this off and you must believe in yourself, right? So, what are you waiting for? Educate yourself properly before building it and then give it a try.

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