Does Parrot Make A Good Pet?

Does Parrot make a good pet?

As rewarding and pleasant having a pet can be they need much more than a human can offer. A lot of people prefer having a large companion like dogs or cats as pets. At least they have the opportunity to meet similar creatures in the surroundings sometimes if not often. All those who have a busier schedule and still like the idea of having a pet around go for birds as they are less of work. Birds like Parrot offers companionship and enjoyment with much lesser stress than any other pets.

Does Parrot Make A Good Pet?
Does Parrot Make A Good Pet?

Following Are The Few Reasons That Make Parrot The Best Pet

  • Parrots are intelligent birds with an intellect of a 2-year-old human child.
  • As they grow and adapt to human civilization, their intellect can develop as much as a 7-year-old child.
  • They develop cognitive skills and problem-solving abilities that indicate development.
  • They are super easy to take care of and can be placed in a cage when occupied.
  • Parrot strives in smaller spaces. They don’t require daily walks or constant distractions.
  • Parrots are a naturally hygienic creature. They preen their feathers daily to keep them shiny and clean. They enjoy having showers every day.
  • If a parrot is proper training and exposed to constant interaction, they can be as loving as any other bigger pets like dogs or cats.
  • They can be trained to interact and perform simple tasks like counting or moving objects from one place to another.
  • Though birds require a high protein quality diet, the cost is comparatively negligible to the food supplies of other pets.

Every coin has two sides and makes every decision. The following are the drawbacks of having a parrot or bird as pets

  • Parrot is an intelligent creature blessed with a good memory. They remember things for the most extended period. They need someone around all the time. Which makes it a full-time job which most ignore.
  • Parrots live long lives, some more than 90 years. This eases the reluctant people who want to make sure they adopt a pet that they can love and enjoy for their entire lifetime. We fail to realize the pain of poor bird when it losses its shelter or owner often abandoned and die in a shorter span as they aren’t used to survival in the outside world.  
  • The bone structure of birds is different from cats and dogs. They require avian pets which a rare to find and charge phenomenal checkup fees. Unlike dogs or cats, a parrot is excellent at hiding problems or sickness, which makes routine checkups compulsory. Because if you wait for the symptoms to show it might be too late for the poor creature.
Does Parrot Make A Good Pet?
Does Parrot Make A Good Pet?

Choose The Best

If you have to get, a parrot home, go for adoption rather than capture a wild one and train them. They will love you as much as any other pet and would be easy to handle as well. This can help save the lives of abandoned pet birds which cant identity with the outside world.

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