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Everything You Need To Know About Bluebirds

Everything You Need To Know About Bluebirds

Birds are a visual treat, they vary in size and colour, each bird has its unique features. Likewise, bluebirds are a group of birds belonging to the thrush family. Bluebirds include three different species

Eastern Bluebird

Habitat: First under this category is Eastern bluebird, the habitat of this species is widespread from southern Canada to the Gulf States. Most of the eastern bluebird in North America nest in birdhouses especially made for them.     

Look: These birds mostly have a round belly, long wings, and short legs. Male birds can be easily spotted because of their blue heads and wings, but on the other hand, female birds are duller in colour with greyish head and wings.

Diet: Bluebirds are mostly omnivores; eastern bluebird diet mainly consists of crickets, grasshoppers and caterpillars. Additional it feeds on fruits and berries when there is a shortage of insects.

Everything You Need To Know About Bluebirds
Everything You Need To Know About Bluebirds

Western Bluebird

Habitat: The next species in this category is a western bluebird. It is a small bird in the Thrush family, they are found in America and Canada, from Baja California to the central parts of Mexico. They live in open conifer forests, farmlands, and seaside groves.

Look: Eastern bluebirds appear more vibrant than others in autumn, it weighs around 30 grams. Male eastern bluebird has a dull orange colored chest and throat whereas the female has gray upperparts and white eye-ring.

Diet: Insects caught on the ground are bluebird’s main food; they majorly prey on grasshoppers, caterpillars, and spiders. In winter they eat a large number of fruits including blueberries, black cherry. They are spotted eating lizards, frogs, and salamanders.

Mountain Bluebirds

Habitat: The last type of species under this category is a mountain bluebird. Just like its sister birds, mountain bluebird is found in Western North America. This species can be found in mountain meadows, forest and birdhouses mainly built for it. They look for open areas with a mix of trees, shrubs, and grass.

Look: Mountain bluebird are medium in size, the adult male bird usually have a round head and a thin bill, Additional these birds are sky blue in color. But female birds are mostly grey-brown. A pale blue color can be stopped near the wings and tail area.

Diet:  It feeds on insects especially during the breeding season. Beetles and grasshopper are the primary sources of food for mountain bluebird. Further, they also eat plant-based food like grapes, elderberries, seeds, and hackberry.

Everything You Need To Know About Bluebirds
Everything You Need To Know About Bluebirds

Behavior of Bluebirds

In general, bluebirds are attracted to open grassland with scattered trees. Most importantly bluebirds are territorial, male birds spot nesting area and attract female birds towards it. Bluebirds have a unique way of attracting females, for instance, male bluebirds sing, flap wings and place some material in nesting box or area.

Female bluebirds have to accept male bluebirds before building the nest; female alone builds the nesting area and also incubates the eggs. Graders love bluebirds, they try and attract them towards their garden, as they are omnivores they eat the insects and make the garden pest free.

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