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Examples Of Exotic Wild Birds

Wild Birds: Meaning and Examples

Birds can be classified into birds of prey, garden birds, pet birds, birds of the world and wild birds. In this article, we will discuss about wild birds. There are wild birds unlimited in the world because more than 10,000 known species of wild birds abound the planet. The staggering number of wild bird species make them very common.

What Are Wild Birds?

Wild birds are found in various sizes and shapes throughout the world. There are wild birds unlimited species in the world with each species showing a special kind of adaptation to suit its own environment. For example, eagles have talons to catch prey, hummingbirds are particularly adapted to suck nectar from flowers and ducks are adapted for swimming.

Males of wild bird species mark and maintain their territories during the mating season. Songs are used to mark territories. Males also show a tendency to attack trespassers into their territories. Several kinds of behaviour are adopted by males to attract females. These include dancing, bending, hanging upside down or swaying.

Wild Birds: Meaning and Examples
Wild Birds: Meaning and Examples

Different kinds of nests are built by various species of wild birds. The most common example is that of weaver birds. Nests built by weaver birds hang from branches of trees. Some wild bird species build their nests on the ground instead of trees.

Wild birds protect their young ones from predators by attacking them. Warning calls to other birds about the presence of predators are also made by wild bird species. Wild birds are also known to attack predators in groups.

Even though there are wild birds unlimited in the world, the ability to recognise some of the species helps in spotting some of them in your own garden.

Common Species

It is very difficult to discuss each and every species making up the pool of wild birds unlimited species in the world. Thus, some of the common species of wild birds have been discussed here.

Bluebird- Bluebirds belong to the Thrush family. The size of a bluebird is about 8 inches in terms of length. Bluebirds are found in North America. Eastern Bluebird, Western Bluebird and Mountain Bluebird are the three species of bluebird. The blue colour shade of the plumage varies between males of the the three species although it is similar among females. Bluebirds consume berries and insects.

Wild Birds: Meaning and Examples
Wild Birds: Meaning and Examples

House Sparrow- House sparrow is a small sized wild bird. It can be found in cities as well as villages near houses. Male sparrows are recognised by a red patch on their backs and a black bib while the female sparrows are entirely brown and have a stripe running from their eyes to the back of their heads. Seeds and insects make up the diet of house sparrows.

Hairy Woodpecker- Hairy Woodpecker has 17 subspecies. It is black and white in appearance although colour variations are present among the subspecies. Males have a patch of red on the back of the head while females have a patch of black. The large bill helps the woodpecker in drilling inside the wood to get insects. Insects, fruits and seeds form the diet of hairy woodpecker.

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