Exotic Pet Birds – Learn About These Exciting Species Of Nature

Exotic Pet Birds

In today’s generation, pet birds are getting quite popular, and people are stepping forward to bring birds to their home and love them and treat them as their family members. Some common pet birds include parrots, budgies, sparrows, cockatiels, etc. But few people have the craze to adopt some rare and uncommon birds that are known as exotic birds. These birds are unusual but worth being adopted, so the ones who are curious and passionate about them should go for it.

Types Of Exotic Pet Birds

Black Palm Cockatoo

Black Palm Cockatoo is impressive as well as a rare bird that is very attractive. This bird is large and is witty and less affectionate. So, in this case, the owners must provide proper training to this bird to make this particular bird as their pet. Black Palm Cockatoos are bold and can be aggressive, hence a challenging bird to be adopted.

Physical features- They are dark in color with smoky gray beak, legs, red patches on the cheeks, and long as well as the dark crest.

Victoria Crowned Pigeon

Victoria crowned pigeons are large birds, but they are gentle and silent. Controlling and taming these birds is not difficult for the owners, but these birds need an open space to walk and run, so they cannot be kept locked into the cages. The owners need to build a separate and specific yard or room for these birds to dwell and do what they want.

Physical features- These birds have a beautiful crest with dark blue shade and white tips, blue body, feathers, attractive red eyes, and maroon shaded breast.

Australian King Parrot

These are the only parrots having an entire red-colored head. These birds are quite smart and can form close and intense relations with their owners. These birds are peace-loving species and require a large space to move around and perform their exercises.

Physical features- They have dark red plumage present on their heads as well as on the chest, gray feet, green feathers, and red belly area.

More Types

Green Aracari

These birds belong to the toucan family and are the smallest members of that breed. Green Aracari birds are difficult to adopt and keep at home as they can cause several problems. They need lots of foodstuffs, fresh fruits, and fruit toucan is their favorite. These birds are high maintenance birds and fly too fast, so the owners need to take care of their face and eyes.

Physical features – They have a black colored neck with a head portion, a bill with a combination of yellow, black, and dark red colors.


Budgerigars are Australian native birds that are small parrots having long tails. These beautiful birds come in incredible and attractive colors like white, yellow, blue, and green.

Pros And Cons Of Pet Birds

1.) Birds are cheerful and peaceful companions to be kept at home.

2.) Birds need comparatively less maintenance as compared to other pets.

3.) The funny, melodious, and mesmerizing chirping of birds can light the moods of their owners.

4.) Pet Birds are very sensible and share a strong emotional bond with their owners.

Here are some drawbacks they experience.

1.) The owners cannot cuddle their pet birds and cannot build a close physical relationship.

2.) Some birds can cause allergies or reactions due to their feathers or droppings.

3.) Some birds need a large space to do their exercises and even for playing.


Birds are an excellent choice to adopt as pets, but only if the owners are ready physically as well as mentally to keep and raise them properly. Exotic pet birds are not easy to adopt, but if the owners can accept all the challenges and train their pet birds efficiently, they can get some cool cute little creatures as their companions.

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