Expand Your Knowledge And Learn About Every Type Of Fowl

A bird standing next to a body of water

If you have a farm and want to pick the right poultry, then there are a bounty of options to choose from. Each type of fowl has its own unique needs and benefits. However, people think that chickens are the only options for fowls to get some fresh eggs. But, that’s not the case because most fowls lay eggs while other species are prized for their meat. That being said, here is all you need to know about every type of fowl.


A bird standing in front of a chicken

Geese are one of the earliest domesticated poultry because of their friendly nature. They are considered to be easy keepers as they tend to bring rewards. In a year, a goose lays as many as 20 to 40 eggs. Interestingly, each egg is large enough to make a full omelette. Moreover, these large birds are also used for weeding broad-leafed crops and also make excellent guard animals. 


A small bird perched on top of a body of water

Another common type of fowl is ducks. For a long time, wild ducks were hunted for their eggs. While some are good runners, others are meaty-faced and the rest of them belong to the swimming breeds. Just like geese, they sleep on the ground and an average adult duck eats ¼ pound of feed.

Guinea Fowl

Most similar in appearance to turkeys, guinea fowls are African birds that have blue heads and speckled bodies. They require low maintenance and are also somewhat less wild. Usually, farmers prefer keeping them without a shelter because many a time, they fly high into the trees. During the summer months, they require almost no feed at all.


This type of fowl holds a great amount of similarity with the pheasants. They are ideal for a small farm as one quail occupies only one square foot in a shelter. Moreover, they don’t even require nesting boxes as they prefer to lay their eggs in a corner. The best part is quails have a skittish nature and love to hide in plenty of places. The eggs that they lay are tiny as well as speckled.


Turkeys are the most favourite of all fowls because they were domesticated around two thousand years ago. Primarily, they are raised for their meat but nowadays, there are becoming more popular as pets. A turkey can lay two to three eggs in a week. They are also great fliers and eat ½ pound of feed every day. Most turkey owners describe them as affectionate birds. 

Wrapping Up

As a farm owner, you can keep plenty of fowls in it. But, make sure that you know everything about each type of fowl. For instance, one can even keep a peacock because of its beautiful feathers and amazing personality. The fun part is to keep one of everything because you never know when one fowl becomes helpful for you.

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