Facts You Should Know About Hummingbirds

Facts You Should Know About Hummingbirds

All the birds that we have around us are fascinating, but the hummingbirds surely stand out and are most astonishing. Yes, if you don’t believe me keep reading this article. These fun facts about hummingbirds will change the perspective of how you watch them. Although they are the smallest bird species alive, they are beautiful, and their lifestyle is pretty interesting. Check out this article to know more about the hummingbirds.


The hummingbirds usually eat tree sap, flower nectar, pollen, and insects. These birds feed at least 5 to 8 times in an hour. They are bound to consume approximately half of its weight in the form of sugar on a daily basis. These birds feed off on the nectar present in the pollen by moving their tongue in and out for 13 times per second. They can consume the food that is double their body weight in a day.

The body temperature and fast heartbeat is the main reason for hummingbirds consuming more than what they actually should. They have to eat enormous amounts of food in order to keep themselves composed.


Well, this may surprise you.

Hummingbirds are very territorial, and they do not let anyone enter into their territory. They fight with their fellow species, and there are instances when they chase even larger birds like hawks from their territory. Yes, the smallest bird in the world chases the dangerous hawks when they invade their territory. Let that sync in. I told you that you would be astonished right!

Facts You Should Know About Hummingbirds
Facts You Should Know About Hummingbirds


People used to kill these hummingbirds for their feathers, but now they are dying for several other reasons. One such reason is the habitat. The hummingbirds are that kind of species that adapt to one habitat, and they try to settle with that habitat only but the sudden changes in the climate from time to time are affecting their lifestyle. They are spotted in the places where they usually shouldn’t be, and this is affecting their food habits. Either way, the world and change in the environment are affecting the birds altogether.

Hummingbirds Population

Well, getting the right statistics about Hummingbirds is not easy because they are widespread across the world and as there are so many types of species one is not capable of getting a hold on the population of these hummingbirds.


The average number of eggs that female birds lay in its lifespan is two. The eggs of these birds are the smallest eggs laid by a bird in this world, and they can be as small as a coffee bean. These birds create a habitat in their nest, which makes it easy for the eggs to hatch.

Hummingbirds Can’t Smell

Yes, hummingbirds lack the sense of smell, and the only way they understand their feeders is by their vision. The color vision of a hummingbird will help them in identifying the right kind of pollen.

These birds are not only cutest creatures on earth, but they also have some strong characteristics that make them stand out when compared to the other birds.

Facts You Should Know About Hummingbirds
Facts You Should Know About Hummingbirds
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