Fascinating Facts About Cardinal Birds You must know

A small bird perched on top of a wooden bench

Cardinal birds are also known as Northern Cardinals, red cardinal or cardinal. They are the bird of the family Cardinalidae. In Bermuda and Hawaii it is broached as an altogether new species of the birds. Woodlands, wetlands etc are the habitat of these cardinal birds. With a body length of 21-23cm, these birds are mid-sized song birds. These birds have a mask on their head which is black in males and gray in females. These birds are granivorous but they also eat insects and fruits. To mate the male and female regurgitate and males mark his territory with singing since they are territorial in nature.

Here are some of the fun facts regarding the cardinal birds to help you know them better:

  1. Food is the main source of their red feather-
A small bird sitting on a branch

Male cardinal birds can easily be recognised due to their absolute red feather while the female has a tan coloured feather. This red coloured feather in the male is due to the presence of carotenoids in their feather structure which they take in their diets.

  1. Omnivores in nature-
A small bird perched on a tree branch

These cardinal birds are omnivores in nature since they eat both plants, bird seeds, insects, they also forage on ground for food.

  1. Some cardinals have bird baldness-

No proven reasons are found for baldness among cardinal birds.

  1. Named after Bishops-

Cardinals got their names from the Roman Catholic cardinals who used to wear red robes.

  1. Non migratory in nature-

Cardinal birds are non migratory in nature which means that they do not migrate to other countries during the winter season. They like to stay in their native place therefore they don’t like migrating to other places.

  1. Cardinals used ants to cover themselves-

Cardinals use ants to cover themselves completely and voluntarily to remove lice from their body.

  1. A hieroglyph of equilibrium and conviction-

It is a confident species and it is recognised as a portrayal of positive vibes. These birds show a powerful representation of family therefore they are adored as a hieroglyph of balance too.

  1. Coition for life-

The cardinal birds are monogamous in nature but if one of the mates dies due to any reason they start looking for another mate. So the cardinal birds do not mate for life.

  1. Female cardinals inform male about their food requirement-

When female cardinals are hungry they will sing a song to tell the male cardinal bird that they are hungry and they need food. The male bird even sings to attract female birds for mating. 

  1. Named as state bird-

The cardinal birds are named as state birds for seven respective states in the United States.


Cardinals biologically suppress the disease upon infection was concluded in a study conducted in 2016 in Atlanta. Red cardinals are a symbolism of positivity and confidence.

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