Finch - The Best Pet Bird One Can Get -

Finch – The Best Pet Bird One Can Get

Finch - The Best Pet Bird One Can Get

Finch is a loose term used to describe hundreds of small passerine birds. The most popular of them are Owl Finches, Gouldian Finches, and Zebra Finches. They are, in fact, perfect pets and an alternative to Parrots. Finches are favorite pet birds in the world. If you would like a feathered animal but has less time, then get finches. Finches do not talk and do not want to handle

What Do Finches Look Like And Where Do They Live?

Finches are compact birds varying in length between 3 to 10 inches. Most finches are bright in color, spotted in the shades of red and yellow for instance goldfinches, cardinals and crossbills. They are found in the areas of the northern hemisphere and parts of Africa. A finch is not a cuddle companion.

On the other hand, house finches are widely found in places like manmade buildings. The natural habitat of finches are desert, grassland, and coniferous forest.

Finch - The Best Pet Bird One Can Get
Finch – The Best Pet Bird One Can Get

Nesting Habit Of A Finches

Finches have unique nesting habits. These nests are built in a place that is safe. Female finches built the nest by themselves with twigs, grass, and feathers. Male finch brings in the material required to build the nest. Finch nest can be found in natural or artificial cavities like holes made by a woodpecker. The nest of finches is U- shaped and can be found in hanging plants and birdhouses.

The Personality Of A Finches

Finches are social birds; they interact with other finches. It prefers the company and spot in pairs, usually during the breeding season. If you are getting finch as a pet bird, it is highly recommended to keep them in pairs.  

Further, finches do not like to be touched by humans. It is recommended that for finches’ health it is better to limit touching it. This reason alone makes it a perfect per bird for busy people.

Finches have a tiny voice and best for apartments. The sound made by finch cannot be heard outside the room. Finch spends most of their time communicating with one other.

Finch - The Best Pet Bird One Can Get
Finch – The Best Pet Bird One Can Get

How to Care For a Finch?

Finches are easy to care for; they do not enjoy human interaction. Fresh food and water must be provided to a finch on a daily basis. Finches like to live in pairs and also they get required exercise by flying. For these two reason finches but be placed in long and big cages.  Finches do require nail trimming occasionally. Getting a horizontal cage is advised as opposed to the vertical cage to help them fly easily.

Feeding A Finch

Finches thrive by eating pellets available in stores. Finches eat seeds every day, but seeds alone are not enough. So, supplement them with other food. Sprouted seeds and spray millets are good for the finches. Greens are great to supplement food for finch for instance spinach. In addition to these carrots, lettuce and occasionally fruits like pear and applesare apt foods for finches. Further, cages of finches must be kept clean to avoid health issues.

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