Five Popular Types of Parrots

A colorful bird perched on top of a parrot

Unlike other breeds of pet parrots, African Grey parrots have some characteristics that set them apart from all other types of parrots. Unlike most other types of parrots, African Greys possess.

Features Of African Greys

A bird sitting on top of a parrot

A thick beak that is much longer than other parrot types. A relatively upright posture. A well-developed plumage with dark-colored chest, throat, and face markings. The ability to mimic human speech and certain sounds. A lifespan that is three times that of an average-sized parrot.

These are the most distinct characteristics of African Greys as compared to other pet parrots. Though these birds primarily originated from Africa, they are commonly kept and cared for worldwide. Most of the time these parrots are kept in captivity as pets because of their good physical qualities. Although they have a thin, stubby beak, they are otherwise healthy birds. Breeding these types of parrots is still largely done, though there is less of it now compared to the past.

Indian Rosella

A colorful bird perched on top of a wooden fence

This type of parrot species can be found across the Indian subcontinent, particularly in the Southern part of India. It is said to have originated from Burma or Cambodia. A very attractive bird, the lorikeet is mainly popular for its bright, colorful plumage and its unique call. This bird has been successfully domesticated and is most popular as a pet. Its life span is around seven years, which makes it a suitable pet for most families.

These are different names for the same bird species. The scientific name of these birds is Labeo Bifurcation and it is also called Indian Rosella. As mentioned above, there are around seventy different breeds of these parrots. The most popular among them all is the Zebra Finches, which are also known as Indian Rosales. They belong to the same family as the African Grey Parrot, except that they differ in coloration. Their tail feathers have a darker shade than the grey parrots and their foreheads and beaks are larger than those of the Grey parrots.


Robins are usually referred to as Asian twins. They are birds but were first domesticated in China. They are closely related to the Macaw and the African Grey parrots. Like other types of parrots, these birds are usually kept as pets in households with children. They mimic the calls of adults well and are quite popular among children for their charming voices.


This type of parrot is also called the Conure. It comes from the Conures, which are popular in Europe as pets. There are many types of conures, including Long-eared birds. They are popular in Europe and they can be kept as pets even if they do not belong to that continent. This bird has a very affectionate personality and will often mimic the vocalization of its owner.

The Blue Throated Macaw

The last but not least, we have the beautiful types of parrots that are mostly seen in the captivating blue-throated macaw. These are the most popular of all. The blue-throated macaw is also commonly known as the “forest blue”, which is also its scientific name. These are very pretty and attractive birds and they also have a strong presence of intelligence. They are very good at mimicking sounds and noises made by people and they can even imitate the call of a person by just listening to it for a few seconds.

The Last Type

The last type of parrot that we are going to discuss is those that come from the open forests of Central America. These types of parrots were once roaming freely in the rainforests but they were displaced by the large number of avian species that already populated the open forests. Luckily, however, they could adapt easily to the environment. They still live in the rainforests today and they are primarily nocturnal, except for the times when they come down to drink some water. Their favorite food is berries.

The beak and the tail are the two prominent features of this type of parrot. The beak is constructed from soft material and its shape resembles the paw of a cat. The head of this kind of macaw is large and it is upper part contains a thick black mask. The grey color of the mask serves as its natural camouflage. Its flight range is quite large and it can even go up to 30 feet in the air.

The grey color of these birds originated from their brown beaks which have turned black. This transformation was probably brought about by the practice of clipping their nails so that they would not leave scratch marks on the branches. Their bodies also look like they are submerged in a pool of nectar and they emit a sweet chirping sound from their throats. The nectar they eat provides them with their daily food and they can breed as many as five hundred birds at a time.

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