Free Birds – Integral Part In Balancing The Ecosystem

Free Birds – Integral Part In Balancing The Ecosystem

There are few kinds of birds that roam about freely on this planet and cannot be tamed. Free Birds help in bringing a balance to the ecosystem by distributing the pollen grains from the flowers to different places thereby help in the growth of plants. Birds usually feed on naturally found food on this planet such as on nectar from the flowers, fruits, small insects and worm.

Migration Of Free Birds

Free Birds migrate from place to place in search of food and shelter. Free birds usually change their stay regularly for a new habitat. The wings and weight of the bird’s body adapt well for traveling at a constant pace. They take care of themselves and do not except care and feeding.

Free Birds – Integral Part In Balancing The Ecosystem
Free Birds – Integral Part In Balancing The Ecosystem

The Types Of Free Birds Which Come Under This Category Are As Follows:


The most famous bird known for its long beak and throat pouch which helps in carrying water in their mouth. They breed in warmer regions. Hence one can’t see them in Antarctica. The bird being monogamous needs a pair for mating. They feed on fishes, amphibians like turtles, insects, birds, etc.


Birds with excellent predator skills that can hunt down preys at a distance not possible to the human eye.  The bird boasts the exclusive capability to fly high and catch prey with its claws without escape.  Ranked top in the food chain for their preying skills.


Called as night bird, never fails to surprise us with its vision during the night. They feed on small insects, birds, mammals for their appetite. The hearing ability of the owl is also a specialty.  Also, many consider crows as a bad omen in the Indian culture. Hence, not welcomed in a good way.

Free Birds – Integral Part In Balancing The Ecosystem
Free Birds – Integral Part In Balancing The Ecosystem


The smallest bird in the world, known to flutter with utmost beauty and elegance.  The bird got its name after the sound created by the fluttering of the wings. Besides, they are widely known for their homeothermic nature by maintaining stable body temperature.

Crow Free Birds

They are common birds in India. Crows usually roam about the place where they can feed on fruits, dead animals being omnivorous in nature. A bird has pitch dark black color feathers. And they build their nests on trees nearby the houses. Besides, it gets mocked on its voice, it has a high pitch tone which is not pleasing to hear.

Sparrow Free Birds

The bird known for laying its eggs in another nest is tiny in size and the verge of extinction. Due to the radioactive waves from the signal tower, their brains have a negative effect and they die. Humans can easily love them for their kind nature. They feed on small insects and fruits.

Peacock Free Birds

The most beautiful bird present in the world that attracts humans with its mesmerizing feathers. The beauty of the bird is witnessed in the rainy seasons where it dances with his feathers opened wide and neat. Also, this bird is known as the national bird of India and never fails to surprise anyone with its beauty and elegance.

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