Friendliest Pet Birds to Keep at Home

friendliest pet birds

There are many birds that you may want to keep as pets, but not all like to stay at home enclosed in a cage. However, there are some varieties of birds that prove to be excellent companions to humans. Here is a list of some good pet birds.


A small blue bird perched on top of a wooden branch

The parakeets are preferred by 25% of bird parents as they are delightful creatures to keep as pets at home. These come in various breeds, but the most common ones are the budgie or the budgerigar. They have a small stature and easily fit into any home. They also make less noise and do not damage furniture and toys as much as certain others. This pet bird is a great companion and they love to show off their antics and skills. The lineolated parakeet is a more noisy bird type. These have a solid colored coat and are more friendlier than the budgie. The parakeet does not need a lot of care or protection. But you need to give them fresh water daily and small bowls of food. They love eating carrots, green vegetables and other vegetables too. This bird has an average life span of 10 to 15 years and they love hanging out or interacting with other birds. It has the ability to talk and these birds are also very chatty and love to pick up human phrases and words. 


A colorful bird perched on a tree branch

These birds are preferred by 22% of bird parents and they are second most popular. These are pint-sized parrots and members of the cockatoo family. They have an easy-going personality. These are smart birds who love entertaining you. They also love to play with shredding or foraging toys. These birds want something new and exciting often as they get bored easily. You can even arrange their toys in a new way to bring a change. They have an average life-span of 10 to 15 years. Cockatiels love to feed on leafy greens, pellets, and carrots. You can also give them flax seeds or chia seeds. These birds need some interaction on daily basis. Else they can get really noisy and irritable. They love talking to each other and hence you can get another cockatiel for their company. These birds can be trained to mimic human sounds. They can speak in phrases or words. They can also whistle and make noises. 


These are the third most popular pet bird types in the world. They are low maintenance birds who do not really need other feathered beings for their companions. But you do need to keep them in the room where you hang out most as they love human company. They need to be interacted on daily basis. They do not have the ability to speak but the male canaries can sing beautifully. Canaries should be allowed to come out of their cage to fly in a room. But you need to keep the windows and mirrors covered to prevent crashes. This exercise is important for their health. They have few sub-categories such as the Red Factor Canary or the Harz Roller. These birds have an average life-span of 10 to 15 years. 

These are few of the top pet bird types that you can consider keeping in your own home or office. You need to know more about their cage and food preferences before you decide to bring any of these home. It is also necessary to know about the medical concerns of each pet bird type so that you can take care accordingly. 

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