Green Pet Birds – 5 Must-have Green Pet Birds you Should have Before the year Ends

Green Pet Birds

Mega Data: Green Pet Birds are adorable no doubt, but you still have to be selective while making your choice. This is because not all green birds can survive the cage.

Some Green Pet Birds are adorable; the fact they are birds is enough to make them likeable. Green birds, just like the rest of the birds are warm-blooded vertebrates that consist of the Aves class of birds and characterized by toothless beaked jaws, laying of hard-shelled eggs, feathers, a four-chambered heart, a high metabolic rate, and a lightweight skeleton.

Green Pet Birds are common in the Northern American continent, and can also be seen in different climate range, habitats, and bird families. But don’t be carried away, not all green birds are meant to be pets, some are just too fragile to survive in a cage. We will be listing some recommended Green Pet Birds you should consider if you are interested in getting a good bird for a pet. But note, the ones we have listed below are not the only Green Pet Birds that is, but the best you can get, based on a general review.

5 Green Pet Birds you Should Consider

A bird that is standing in the grass

1. Alexandrine Parakeet

Also called Psittacula eupatria, Alexandrine parakeet is referred to as Alexander parrot. It is classified into the genus Psittacula family, and was named after the Greek general, Alexander the Great who was known to have transported a lot of birds from Punjab to virtually every part of the Mediterranean, and European countries where they are highly priced by noble families, warlords, and royals. It measures 56 to 62 cm in size and weighs approximately 200 to 300 g. It has a 28-35 cm tail and often comes with a yellow colour at the tip and blue on one of the feathers.

2. Amazon Parrot

It belongs to the family of genus Amazona; they are medium-sized parrots often found in South America and the Caribbean countries. Though most of them are predominantly green in colour, some can come with other accenting colours, depending on the species. They feed on mostly seeds, nuts and fruits, but can also eat leaves sometimes.

3. Blue-crowned Conure

It goes by many names: blue-crowned parakeet, sharp-tailed ConureConure, and a blue-crowned budgie. It is an all -small Neotropical parrot that is often seen in the South American continent. Some of the countries where it is predominant include Argentina (the northern part), and the eastern part of Colombia. It is often seen in the savanna, and can’t be seen in dense hot forests like the Amazon.

4. Blue-Headed Pionus

It is a blues headed parrot that also goes by the name Pionus menstruous. It is a medium-sized parrot that measures 27 cm in length (it can be longer). Though it is mostly green with a blue head and neck, some others come with a red feather on the tail. It is commonly seen in countries like Trinidad, Brazil, Bolivia, Venezuela, and other southern Central, and Southern American countries.

5. Conure

You can’t get enough of the Conure because their species is diverse. They are categorized among the medium-sized parrots and belongs to many genera of a long-tailed group. This is the commonest Green Pet Birds in the world and has appeared in several scientific journals because of its popularity.

Finally, these birds are easy to maintain; they don’t eat much; they mostly feed on nuts and have a lifespan of 12 to 18 years.

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