How To Choose The Best Type Of Big Birds Feeder

type of big birds

It is not unheard of for a juvenile to weigh only a couple of ounces. Both varieties feed on different kinds of prey.

The Big Bird Type Features

A bird flying in the sky

The Big Bird type features a thick bill and long wings. It has a thick crest, which may be blue or gray with its fringe of orange feathers on the tips. It has red markings on its chest and is blue or gray above and white below. These markings make it a strong bird and a diver. In the winter it can be a bit sluggish, but in the summer it swoops and is very aloof.

The Little Bouldock is also known as the Rock Dove. This type of birds are smaller than the Big Bird and are generally gray with varying amounts of white feathers on the crest. They are very friendly and loyal and like to perch. They are very good fliers and good climbers too. They will hold onto a perch well even without food within their mouth, unlike some other birds which may press it against the perch and make it fall off.

Bluebird Feeders Can Be Hung From Poles

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Unlike the other types, the Bluebird feeders can be hung from poles. These come in different styles and sizes. Some are small with a hanging pole, while others have platforms that have to be lowered into the ground for the birds to hang from. A few feature special fixtures so that the food will stay fresher. Some of these types of feeders are supported by perches so that the birds can perch and feed undisturbed.

There is another type of Big Bird feeder called the Green-wingeditus. This type of feeder is made out of a plastic material and has a dome-shaped body with six pointed wings. The dome is covered with nylon. It is not as large as the Big Bird feeder. It is a perfect size for two people to eat with. There are some owners who even think of carrying it on their shoulders.

The smallest type of feeder is called the Perch Binoculars. This is the same type that parents use to watch their babies. The binoculars are about the size of a large soda can and have a window that opens for feeding time.

The Woodpecker Feeder

The next type of feeder is the Woodpecker Feeder. This feeder looks more like a granny smith. It is about one foot wide, six inches tall and features a platform for hanging food. Woodpeckers prefer suet over fresh fruits.


The type of feeder you choose depends on where you will be using it. If you plan to use it at the bird feeding station during your weekly family outing, you might want to purchase a more sturdy feeder with covers. If you are going to use it in your backyard garden, the type of birdhouse you purchase may also determine the type you purchase.

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