How To Manage Alfred Hitchcock Birds Entirely

A bird standing on top of each other

Ray Berwick was the trainer who had trained many live birds for the use in Alfred Hitchcock’s movie Birds. The movie was a technical marvel which had multiple birds seen throughout the movie.

About the Movie

A small bird perched on a tree branch

The story revolves around a theme: those comedy sequences of birds attacking humans are turned into horror from comedy scenes. The Film was inspired from the novel Apple Tree published by Du Naurier. These birds include sea gulls, ravens and sparrows.  There was proper safety restriction taken place during the shooting of the movie with the Birds. The crews of the movie setup an temporary hospital also to take care of the birds. There was a whole crew under the leadership of Ray Berwick taking care of the birds for the Movie.

Protection of Birds

A bird hanging off the side of a flower

The bird team had played different tricks to get the birds to get them ready for the desired shot .So, they tried some tricks to get them in the right frame as per the requirement of the shot. There was special care taken for the protection of animals during the shot of the movie .One of the work they had to protect the birds was draping an entire net over the living room set so that the birds don’t fly from one place to another on the studio set.

Entry of the Special Effects Wizard—Ub Iwerks

To get the exact shot as desired by Hitchcock he had hired Ub Iwerks, who was working for Walt Disney since 1924 and he was the pioneer behind creating the iconic character of Mickey Mouse. The move had a lot of matte work where the separate reels of films are combed together and these special effects were mostly done under the supervision of Ub Iwerks. Ub Iwerks was a visual genius and was famous throughout Hollywood for his self learning matte technique. The work made by him into the Alfred Hit chocks Birds movie made him enter into the Oscar nominations list also.

During the 45th anniversary of the film in 2008 Mattel celebrated the success of the movie by releasing a special Barbie Doll to commemorate the makers behind the technical marvel movie of the time. There was also a sequel for the movie Birds which was made more than 30 years after its first release. The movie Birds II: Land’s End was released on Mar 14th, 1994.  The shooting for the sequel of this TV series was held at the East coast, not at Bodega Bay, which was the location for the first installment of the movie. The movie was not a big success in the box office also and the makers of the movie were also not happy with it.


A bird was no doubt a crucially acclaimed film due to its different theme. The makers and all the crew members had done some amazing work behind it.

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