Interesting And Fun Eagles Birds Facts Here No 7 Is Surprising

eagles birds facts

Aggressive, fierce, great hunters, and strongest of all, there are no bird-like eagles. Each eagle type has something that makes them unique and different from all the birds out there. One such eagle bird fact is that they have great vision, and they can see five times better than us. There are many more facts about this strongest bird that is unbelievable but true. Read further to know them.

7 Eagles Birds Facts That Make This Bird Interesting

More Cones Than Human Eyes

A small bird looking at the camera

Our eyesight is because of the small cells on the retina that detect lights. More cells mean better vision. However, the human eye has very few cones on the retina as compared to that on the eagle’s eyes. They have around 1 million cones not all over the retina but spread over per mm2. That is too much; now you know why eagles have better vision.

Long Life

Unlike other animals or birds that die soon in the cage, eagles can live longer in zoos. Their life span can be as long as 50-60 years, and some eagles live up to 70 years as well if taken good care of.

On the other hand, wild eagles die early due to lack of food.

Their Beak Bends

One of the surprising eagle birds’ facts is that their beak is not strong forever, and as they age, it bends. This is the reason why wild eagles cannot hunt for prey during old age. They cannot eat well and die.

Save The Eagles

This biggest bird on earth is a vulnerable species, and to save them, the world celebrates 10th January as ‘Save The Eagles Day.’

National Symbol

Each country has its own national symbols like national bird and animal. Eagle has this honor too, and it is the national symbol of one of the world’s powerful countries, i.e., the United States. There is no doubt that this bird deserves to be the symbol as it is truly strong and bold.

However, the bald eagle species is chosen as a national symbol of the U.S. Other than strength and longevity, it also represents freedom.

Fly High

Undoubtedly, eagles can fly high, but how is the question. They can fly upto 15000 feet high above the ground, which is the highest in the bird kingdom. Moreover, eagles are the fastest fliers as they can fly at a speed of 160 km/hour. But, they are not the fastest as peregrine falcons can fly faster than eagles. Their speed is 390 km per hour.

Grow Up Faster

It takes only three months or 12 weeks to grow fully, and as soon as they grow, they begin to fly. More interesting is how they teach their offspring to fly. All other birds push their young ones so that they can learn to fly.

Eagles don’t do that; instead, they delay feeding to make them feel it’s time to hunt for food, and they should learn to fly first for hunting.

Among all the eagle birds facts, one worth knowing is where did they get their name from. It’s from the English word “Balde.” Balde is a word for white, and the eagle has a distinct white color on their head, so they are called by that name.

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