Kiwi Birds Facts- Amazing Facts About Kiwis That You Should Know

Kiwis are originated from New Zealand, and it is an icon of that country. Though, recent researches show that kiwis have a resemblance to an extinct species of bird, the elephant bird of Madagascar. Kiwis are ratites that can’t fly and as large as a domestic chicken. Apart from these, here are some surprising kiwi birds facts for the bird lovers to know this species a little more.

Species- Kiwi Birds Facts

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Kiwis have five species and subspecies in total. They are great spotted kiwi, North Island Brown Kiwi, southern brown kiwi, little spotted kiwi, and Okarito kiwi.

Features- Kiwi Birds Facts

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Kiwis are flightless as the ratites are, but they don’t have long legs like other birds entitled to this group (i.e., ostrich, emu, cassowary, etc.). They have tiny eyes and wings. They have feathers all over their bodies that look like furs. And the fun fact is, their feathers keep shedding throughout the year like mammals. They also have whisker that makes them distinct from other birds. A kiwi is the only bird in this world who has nostrils but at the end of its long beaks. This specification makes it easy to catch prey even before they could see it. Just like human beings, kiwis have marrows in their bones. The female kiwis have two ovaries that make them unique. They live for around 25 years to 50 years.

Procreation- Kiwi Birds Facts

Kiwis are monogamous, which means they stay loyal and attracted to their respective partners only. These birds take a minimum of sixteen months to become mature enough to procreate. They usually breed between June and March. The eggs that a female kiwi hatch use to be 15% larger than its body weight. That makes kiwis’ eggs one of the largest egg-to-body weight ratios among other birds. A female great spotted kiwi lays only one egg at a time. Both male and female great spotted kiwis incubate their eggs. Otherwise, only male kiwis of other species incubate the eggs.

Habits Of Kiwis

Kiwis are omnivorous and nocturnal in nature. They hunt small insects, worms, earthworms, snails, spiders, centipedes, etc. at night. They do not have large eyes like other nocturnal birds, but they have an excellent sense of smell that helps them to hunt prey during the dark hours. Other than that, these birds also eat fruits and native plants around them. They also have a good sense of hearing as they have wide ear openings. Kiwis are not the ideal birds to pet as they are quite aggressive and territorial. They tend to bite if they smell any danger around them. Besides that, kiwis are endangered and protected, which makes it unethical to pet them. There are multiple kiwi sanctuaries to preserve these species.

Life Threats

Mammals like dogs, cats, stoats, and ferrets are threats to kiwi’s life. Especially, troats kill a large number of kiwi chicks before the kiwi chicks can reach to a kilo in weight. On the other hand, dogs are the predators for the adult kiwis. These predators are very much responsible for the endangered life of kiwis.

These were the kiwi birds facts that I had to share with you. As they are endangered and almost extinct, it is a request to the readers not to catch or pet them for your fun and entertainment.

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