Know the Type of Robbin Birds

type of robin birds

The most common type of robin birds is the swallow. The male robin, or “rubber doodle”, has a crest that features two pointed wings and a long neck. Male robins have thick bills and a head with a thick bill cover. They also have a black chest, yellow eyes, and a short tail. This species is gray, brown, and flighted.

Common Types Of Robin Birds

A close up of a bird

Blue Jay

A bird standing on a rock

The second most common type of robin is the blue jay. The male jay has a thick chest, large wings, and a long neck. He also has a black mask, and a short tail. The male may only have two flaps of breast feathers, and no wings. They have black eyebrows, short blunt brown hair, and a narrow beak. This species is a good choice for a song bird because it is alert and colorful.

Indian Cockatoo

The Indian cockatoo is similar to the blue jay in appearance. It is also known as the black-crowned cockatoo. These birds are of medium size, but are always alert. The male is larger than the female.


The quail is a small, gray, and bright green parrot. The males have red throats, while females have gray throats. The name “quail” comes from the Latin word “quin” meaning “wing”. Quill feathers, called quill feathers, are used in the decoration of this species.

The white-crowned robin is the most common and dominant type of robin found in the wild. The male has a thick chest with a white head and a red beak. The male’s neck is colored a light gray. The females are smaller than the males.

Unlike most other birds, the red-headed robin has a black feather behind its eye. The other four black feathers are usually white or tan. It has a short tail and a red chest. The head, neck, and beak are colored black. The flanks (breast feathers) are black as well.

The wader

It is

The emperor is the largest of all of these species. Its body is nearly twice as long as its wingspan. It is almost black with a dark red face and crest. Its breast feathers are black with orange and red markings around them. Its upper tail is white.

Explore More Types

Of the seven species of these birds, one, the Fischer’s Robin, is the smallest. These birds are often called bluebirds because of their somewhat blues hue. They are not really wrens but are commonly referred to as bluebirds.

The male reproductive member of this species is the smallest of all. It is called the zebra finch. It can weigh no more than fifteen grams. This makes it the fastest of all the members of its genus.

A close relative of the zebra finch is the blue-winged frizzy flycat. These are small and brightly colored. The male of this species has a purple tail. The female’s coloration is that of a blue jay. They are sometimes called blue-winged sky fairy.

In Australia, the barramundi and the kookaburra are two common varieties of these birds. The barramundi has a white chest and wings and the kookaburra has red chest and wings. The latter is the most common of the two in captivity. The kookaburra is also called ruddock thrower because of its throwing technique which involves a running motion with both wings.

Final Thoughts

All of these types of robin birds are very social and can live in large groups. They also have a highly developed sense of hearing and smell. These traits make them excellent companions for humans and other animals. So next time you find yourself watching birds you might want to consider identifying each species and learning about their type.

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