Necklace From Bird’s Nest: Let’s Tweet About It!

Necklace From Bird’s Nest: Let’s Tweet About It!

Your Love For Handmade Necklace Has Got Its Destination

You have landed up on the right page if you love wearing handmade or naturally made jewelry. Donning such jewelry not only makes you look prettier, but it also defines your class and your love for nature. Bird and animal lovers particularly fancy such jewelry, which are never out of fashion.

For all the necklace lovers, let me tell you making a necklace out of bird’s nest is no rocket science and it will look as chic and classy as it sounds. The best part about handmade jewelry is that you never have to pay attention to the fine details, but you can still look beautiful. So, put on your creative hats and try out these cool ways to make your own jewelry. Before you start, you can also try out this piece and pair it with your favorite dress.

Necklace from bird’s nest: Let’s tweet about it!
Necklace From Bird’s Nest: Let’s Tweet About It!

These handmade jewelry items, especially necklaces, are extremely trendy and you can always personalize them with your choice of beads. You will just need simple things and everyday instruments to make a beautiful handmade necklace.

At first, get a wire that is not less than 4 meters in length, some beads of your choice, round nose pliers, needle-nose pliers, and a chain.

Steps: What Do You Need To Do?

Arrange the beads you wish to put in your necklace in an ordered fashion.

String them together in the wire.

Make triangular loops and bend the wire together so that the beads don’t slide away.

Crush the wire from the middle and rewind it again. This gives a twig-like shape to your wire.

Circle the wire 4-5 times on the bead. Don’t bother about making perfect circles, that won’t happen. Also, you wish to make it look natural, right? So, ditch the perfection and comfortably circle the wire.

Make a knot of the wire around the bead from both sides to secure it. Repeat it for every bead.

Necklace From Bird’s Nest: Let’s Tweet About It!
Necklace From Bird’s Nest: Let’s Tweet About It!

Secure the nest twice at each joint. This will keep the necklace intact and will also give a nice twig-like look to your necklace. Thus, the beads won’t fall off when you move or probably dance.

Lock the nest from the areas where you feel they need some strength. Leave the corners free. When just 2 inches of wire is left, tuck the ends together to complete the necklace.

Now, take round-nose pliers and twist the ends of the wire to make a hook-like structure.

You can also use a jump ring instead of a loop.

Use needle-nose pliers, and cut the odd ends of the wire. This will also make it look uneven and irregular, just the way we want.

String this beaded pendant into a chain and there you go. This little bird-nest necklace will look amazing on you. Go ahead and pair it with your Bohemian print skirt, and you will look all chic and classy. You can also flaunt your love for nature out there.

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