Oldest Bird Species: Where To Find Them?

A colorful bird perched on top of a hummingbird

One of the most beautiful creatures in this world is birds which attract our eyes. The unique features of the bird community fascinate the people. Birds tweeting, chirping and humming put the mind at ease. In general, birds live a maximum of thirty years and a minimum of three years. Few oldest bird species live more than the expected age. The age-old bird has unique ways to catch their prey. Their physique, color contrast, sweet chirping altogether makes them unique. The secret behind these birds’ long life is because of the extreme care they receive from their keepers. Furthermore, the oldest bird receives world recognition because of their long life.

Oldest Bird Species
Oldest Bird Species

Some Of The Oldest Bird Species Of The World Are:

This bird is one of the oldest bird and lived in this world for sixty long years. This species is a female flamingo and found in Australia. Recently in 2014, this bird died and this flamingo was the last one in Australia. This species was claimed to be an endangered species. Due to the prohibition of importing flamingos at present Australia lacks this species. The sixty years old one was the last one they had.

This bird is living since 1951 and is around 68years old. As the name given this particular species has some unique features. This bird laid eggs at the age of 67 and gave the scientist the shock of their life. The experts in this field went baffled as every year in this old age this bird hatched eggs.

The male Thaao in the USA live for 80 long years and made a particular community famous. This species comes in the wild categories of birds. Unlike other popular birds, this Thaao became the ambassador of the USA zoo.

Relatively Rare But Seen In Sporadic Zones

Greater Flamingo-
This extremely white flamingo lives for 83years and died in 2014. This species is said to be one of the most popular ones in the Australian zoo. This bird got injured many times due to human attacks. Moreover the reason behind death also the attacks of young boys. According to the experts, the origin of this bird is still unknown.

Oldest Bird Species
Oldest Bird Species

Male Cockatoo-
This bird is the oldest one in the Brookfield zoo in the USA. This bird crossed the lifespan and lived for 83years which is something one needs to look upon. This species is mainly adopted and kept as a pet. Due to extreme care, they tend to live for long years. This bird can speak different languages if trained properly. Furthermore, this particular species is popular worldwide. People across the world send letters to the owner and food, cookies for this bird.

Poncho Macaw-
The female Poncho Macaw is the oldest species in England which is living for 92years. Moreover, this species with attractive colors and features didn’t lose her beauty in these long years. In many of the films, this bird was cast and taken extreme care. This particular bird always came back to the owner after the journey.

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