Parakeet: Green Beauty With Long Tail

Parakeet – Green Beauty With a Long Tail

Parakeets are popular to the world as a species of parrot with a long tail and beautiful feathers. People who love to a pet at home should buy a parakeet as they are very friendly and are fun to maintain as a pet.

The parakeets are social by nature and need care and attention as much as other birds. Due to their friendly nature,

they are most enjoyed by kids as their companion.

Parakeets are easy to train and you can teach them to talk as they keep repeating the words.

They can live comfortably in small cages and can be easily transported during travel.

Planning to buy a parakeet is extremely affordable, unlike other birds.

Here Is A Guide To Take Good Care Of Parakeet


Parakeets are very particular about their food and feed mostly on fresh vegetables and fruits.

They enjoy sprouts and grains; however pelleted food offers all the nutrition for the birds. Ensure that you change the Nonchlorinated water regularly and feed to the birds.

Any sugar or sweets should be avoided. Avoid feeding the bird with chocolate, caffeine as they can cause harm to their health.

Parakeet – Green Beauty With a Long Tail
Parakeet – Green Beauty With a Long Tail

Care and Comfort

Parakeets prefer good care and pampering by the owners. The bird should be comfortable within the cage and outside too.

Pairing it with a mate can make the bird feel happy and avoid leaving the bird alone.

Parakeets being monogamy, pairs with the mate for life and chooses to pairs with other mates only after the couple dies.


Always house parakeets in a wooden cage with lots of space to move about. They should feel comfortable about the cage, and make sure to keep the metal grate separately as the bird’s droppings from the floor of the cage.

Water should be available always, and proper and regular cleaning is necessary for the bird to stay healthy.

Parakeets are very sensitive to be temperature and should always be maintained at room temperature. Offer them tree branches to keep them engaged.

Behavior OF Parakeet

Parakeets are talkative and repeat every word being uttered. The mental health of the bird should be monitored and freed from time to time to make them feel free.

Parakeet – Green Beauty With a Long Tail
Parakeet – Green Beauty With a Long Tail


Parakeets like to stay clean and neat and hence clean them with lukewarm water once in 2 days for a healthy life.

You should clip the feathers of this bird at regular intervals to prevent injuries. Also, do the trimming of nails regularly to give them a healthy lifestyle.

A healthy bird can improve the vibes of the house and bring liveliness to be the family.

Training Parakeet

Offer training to the bird regularly to surprise your guests with a talking parakeet.

It takes patience and time to train a parakeet but once achieved, it will offer you the joy of a talking parakeet.

Allow the bird to fly within the room to sense freedom and happiness.

Buying a parakeet will never make you regret the decision.

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