Macaw Parrots: Getting To Know The Macaw

Amazing Secrets About Macaw Parrot

The Macaw is one variety of parrot species which has its origin from South America and Africa. There are almost 16 species of macaws available in various parts of the world. Amongst many species, two of the species that are popularly known are Catalina macaw parrot and the blue and yellow macaw parrot. According to research, all the Caribbean species of Macaws are now extinct species. But still, there is no proven evidence that Caribbean species of macaws were extinct. The reason behind their death of macaws is mainly deforestation. Due to this many existing species are now becoming endangered species.


The average lifespan of the macaws parrot ranges from 15 to 30 years. It will vary on how the macaws treated by their owners. There are several ways available to take care of your macaws. One of the crucial things that the owner should take of macaw to increase their lifespan is showing attention consistently. Most of the parrot’s species hate to stay as bored; this might also decrease their lifespan.

Amazing Secrets About Macaw Parrot
Parrots: Getting To Know The Macaw

Size And Weight of Macaw

There are several macaws species, where some are well-known for their impressive size. Hyacinth Macaws is one of the giant macaws in height and wingspan and the weighing around 4.4 pounds and height of 3 feet long with a wingspan of 4 to 4.5 feet. One of the most massive macaw parrots is Buffon of weighing 6.6 pounds. Mostly macaws parrots won’t grow bigger. So, the smallest Macaws species is the Red-Shouldered Macaws of 12-14 inches height.

How To Train Your Macaw?

It will take time to build your relationship with your bird, and you should take care a lot by showing love and devotion towards your macaws. When you do so, you will feel relaxed and filled with pleasure to train them.

Amazing Secrets About Macaw Parrot
Parrots: Getting To Know The Bird

When you have a plan of buying macaw as a pet, then the first thing you should consider is where you are buying. So, get the parrot from a reputable and dedicated breeder and check whether he was doing hand-feeding for parrots. Check for the best breeder commitment and dedication, as this will help you to get your macaw trained easily. After buying macaw, try to do hand feeding, as that will help you to get a relationship with a macaw. Thus, Macaw will get attached to your family soon.

Thus, when you put some effort into training the macaws, then you will enjoy one of the rewarding experiences of your lifetime. But, if you are a frequent traveler or some busy business person, then macaws is not a suitable pet for you. As this parrot species need only your quality time and attention, you should spend some time knowing physical needs and emotional support of macaws. Macaws are one of the best species to make companionship with you like a pet in your home. So, don’t miss this loving experience of your lifetime.

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