People Love To Watch These Commonly Found Type Of Black Birds In United States Of America

A close up of a bird

People love to spend their spare time utilizing bird watching. The majority of the birds found on our planet have sixteen colors. These colors are black, brown, white, tan, rust, violet, red, pink, blue, buff, olive, yellow, red, green, and grey. You might have seen many birds of these colors. But do you know the number of blackbirds is higher than any other color? In this blog, we will talk about some major types of black birds found in the United States.

European Starling

A bird sitting on top of a mountain

This bird is a common blackbird in the United States. They are about the size of American Robin birds. From far, their body looks shining. A long slender beak and short tail also look beautiful. The bird changes its color in the wintertime. That time they lose their glossiness and their beaks also become darker. When you see some white spots on their body, it indicates that it’s wintertime and they are going through some bodily changes.

Brown-Headed Crown Bird

A close up of a bird

Male and female have a different color.  Male have completely black bodies whereas females have brownish bodies. When you see this type of black birds in poor daylight, the male head looks brown in color. They are stocky and chunky and have a thick and conical bill. In the United states, they are naturally found in grasslands, brushy thickets, prairies, and woodland edges. However, they have extended their reach now, and you can find them easily in the cities also. 

Common Grackle

This large type of black birds has a long tail and long bill. The long curves slightly downward. They gather in big flocks high in trees. Male and female both have similarities barring some points. They are the most resourceful blackbirds you will find in the United States. They are known for flocking together in the farm fields especially the corn and rice fields. Besides that, they eat acorns, fruits, insects, spiders, frogs, fish, mice, other birds, and even garbage.

Red-winged Blackbird

Males are all black but they have a bright red and yellow patch on their shoulders. Females have a brown color and a bit of yellow around their bill. During the breeding period, this type of black birds is generally found in marshes and other wet areas. During the non-breeding time, they spent most of their time in grasslands, farm fields, and pastures looking for weedy seeds to eat. It is common to see them in large flocks with other birds like grackles, cowbirds, and starlings.


So, the next time when you visit any woodlands, riverbanks, grasslands, and other places with birds, keep looking for these types of black birds. We are sure you will love to watch them.

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