Pet Birds Food- Ways To Buy

pet birds food

Do you want to keep a pet bird, and yet you do not know anything about feeding them? If that is the case, then you should have a piece of extensive knowledge about pet birds’ food. Always remember that was required only two to three things which will call them back to their homes. You have to keep plenty of water as well as food supplies for them. But make sure that the supplies are good enough and it is easy for them to feed and digest. So here are the pet bird food basics that you need to follow, and here you can also get the tips to buy the best quality food.

Brief Overview

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Remember that the feeder that you are getting should be easy to fill and clean. Not only that, but it would be very weather resistant and give your protection against moisture. Otherwise, the extra food will get decayed, and it will not be very welcome news for the birds. Therefore you need to know about the various seed types as well so that you can know which seeds will be preferred for which birds and so on.

Sunflower-Pet Birds Food

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There are two types of sunflower seeds- black and striped seeds. The black seeds have oilers in them, which is why they seem tastier to the birds as well. The other kind of seed has a hard shell which is why they are hard to crack open. Try not to go for striped seeds when you are trying to feed the birds like sparrows and blackbirds. Many birds love to have the shelled sunflower seeds, but it is going to be an expensive option for you as well.


This is another kind of seed that has a very thick shell, and it is one of the most favorite among the cardinal birds. Even you will find the native sparrows as well as doves eating it with glee. In some areas, even other birds can have an ingrown taste to them, and that is why you would want to give these seeds in the feeder.

Nyjer Or Thistle-Pet Birds Food

If you have an American goldfinch at home, then there can be nothing better than the thistle seeds. It is a very good and oily seed that is rich in nutrients, and it will keep the bird in the pink of health. You can see the common redpolls, as well as Siskins, having these seeds, and it is also known as niger or nyjer. The seeds mostly retain their food value, and it is important that you sterilize the seeds before putting them in the feeder.

White Proso Millet

This is the kind of seed which is good for the ground feeding birds like sparrows, doves as well as towhees and juncos. You can even put them in front of house sparrows, and the taste is quite similar to the black oil sunflower. You can scatter it in the ground, and the birds can feed on them as per their need.

Bottom Note

It is not easy to buy pet birds’ food and keep them healthy, but with this guide, things are going to be easier for you for sure. So what are you waiting for?

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