Reasons For Getting Pet Birds At Home

A Complete Guide For Getting A Pet Bird

Pets are a great addition to our lives. Pets can offer companionship, joy, and life to your home. They are proven to be amazing companions and have a positive effect on one’s health. But remember before getting a pet considers the lifestyle and place you live, pets need regular interaction and attention, usually, dogs and cats are preferred pets, but birds make great pets. Here are a few reasons why you should get a pet bird.

Life Span Of Pet Birds

Birds have a long life span if they are cared for the right way. Species like the budgie and cockatiel can live for over twenty years if they are properly treated.

A Complete Guide For Getting A Pet Bird
Reasons For Getting A Pet Bird

Less Fuss

Compared to dogs, birds require less maintenance on the part of the owner. So, consider this – you don’t have to constantly walk and pick up after a dog every day after it finishes its business. Cleaning the cage every few days will do the trick. Also, birds eat less and the cost of food is significantly lower over their lifespan compared with larger house pets like dogs and cats. Hence, feeding a bird is budget-friendly. It is true that they need pellets for their diet, but birds can get required proteins from fruits and vegetables we use at home, provided they are not toxic for the bird, before feeding a bird consult an expert and understand what can and cannot be fed.

Grooming Pet Birds

Birds self groom, they are hygienic animals that do not require flea baths and haircuts, the health and look of a bird can be maintained by getting its nail trimmed and giving a bath with plain water.

Pet Birds Lower Stress

Having a pet at home is the best way to lower stress, a pet bird that you can talk to makes it easier to deal with problems. In addition to this, petting helps in lowering the blood pressure and helps in relaxing.

So, now the question arises what kind of pet birds can you get? Some of the popular birds that you can get as a pet are as follows

A Complete Guide For Getting A Pet Bird
Reasons For Getting A Pet Bird


If you are a first-time pet bird owner, cockatiels are perfect for you. They are full of personality, easy to handle and also can talk.


These are tiny and cute birds that are easy to take care of. However, they require your time and energy to play and socialize with them.

Quaker Parrots

Besides, these are extremely popular pets these days. They are suitable for families having kids, they are energetic and affectionate.

African Grey Parrot

The ability of this bird to talk and mimic sounds makes a great pet bird; they are smart and can understand emotions.

Irrespective of what kind of bird you get as a pet, ensure you spend some time playing with them. So, you must socialize with them.

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