Some Amazing Bird Information That Can Excite Kids

Some Amazing Bird Information That Can Excite Kids

Birds are an amazing creation of nature. They have fascinated us for centuries and made human-beings jealous of their ability to fly. For years, mankind has dreamt of being able to fly as a bird does. There are various colors, shapes, and sizes of birds available. A bird can be large as an ostrich or as small as a hummingbird. You can find them everywhere on the planet Earth. One standout bird information is that they are the only species that have feathers, although some birds don’t have the ability to fly.

Let’s have a look at some interesting bird information.

Species: AVES

Birds belong to the scientific class called AVES and are the only animals having feathers. This enables them to keep cool and warm in different climates. They are warm bloodied vertebrae animals, meaning they have a defined backbone in their skeletal structure. They are different from mammals as they lay hard-shelled eggs. According to various bird information sites, there are about 10000 different types of living birds

Bird Information: Size

The main reason for a bird’s ability to fly is because of its hollow bone structure. This makes the skeletal structure of a bird very lightweight but still very strong. The smallest bird in the world is the bee hummingbird which is only 2 inches long while the largest bird is the Ostrich which can be as tall as 9 feet.

Some Amazing Bird Information That Can Excite Kids
Some Amazing Bird Information That Can Excite Kids

Food Habits

Food habits of birds vary depending upon the area they live in. Fruits, insects, and fruit seeds are basic foods for the major categories of the birds. Birds don’t have teeth, so they are not able to chew their food. Their bodies are functioned for digesting whole food easily. While most of the birds can feed themselves by plucking at fruits on trees or small insects on grounds, some also hunt for their prey by swooping down from a distance.

Some Amazing Bird Information That Can Excite Kids
Some Amazing Bird Information That Can Excite Kids


Birds can communicate among themselves both vocally and using their body language as well. Their songs and calls are often meant for communicating with each other. People can see the birds puffing off their bodies. They do this to threaten the predators or to show off their authority. Birds are social animals and like to work together, both for protection and company. They are also seen to use their bodies to communicate, especially during mating dances.

Bird Information: Beaks

A bird’s beak is a vital part of its body and is of various forms and sizes depending upon the diet. For meat-eating raptors like the bald eagle, they have a sharper curved beak that helps them to tear the flesh of the animal body. Birds living off the water, like Swans and Ducks have flat rounded beaks or bills which help them to dig the soft soils or root around the marshy areas. Birds that eat fruits or small inspects like sparrows have short pointy beaks helping them in pulling out bugs from grounds or trees.

About Bird Informations

  • An ostrich can grow up to nine feet and run up to forty-three miles per hour.
  • Bluebirds are blind about the blue colour.
  • Hummingbirds cannot walk. Moreover, they fly in a backward direction.
  • Flamingos eat with their heads upside down to strain excess water from their mouths.
  • A condor cheek needs almost a week to break the thick eggshell.
  • About three gallons of water are present in the pelican’s bill.
  • If vultures eat a lot then they cannot fly due to heavyweight.
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