Some Cool Facts About Birds That You Must Know

Birds are awesome creatures that help to maintain the ecological balance of nature. They are beautiful as well as surprising creatures that differ a lot from human beings. The best part about birds is that most of them can fly and map the sky with their wings. There are some cool facts about birds that you must know about so that you can be surprised. These are some of the most amazing facts that you must not have heard before so you must read the to get an insight about the behaviour and generally living ways of the birds.

Ravens Are Great At Copying Various Sounds

A flock of seagulls standing on grass

While ravens who stay in the forests cannot copy any human sounds but the ones that are captive are known to mimic human sounds and also turn talkative. Some of the birds are better at talking than parrots and they can even copy some of the other sounds like the one of the engine revving up or the flushing of a toilet. When they are in the forests, the ravens like to imitate the other animals like wolves and foxes so that they come to open up the tasty carcasses of animals that they are not able to open. This is quite strange but is one of the best facts that you must know about these birds.

Some Hummingbirds Have Less Than A Nickel Weight

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Hummingbirds are very light in weight and you will be astonished to know that some of the smallest hummingbirds weigh about 4 grams which is actually one gram less than the weight of a nickel. The smallest hummingbird which is the bee hummingbird weighs about 1.6 grams which is quite surprising. Also, the largest hummingbirds also known as the giant hummingbirds weigh about 24 grams which is actually the heaviest the humming bird can get. This is one of the most surprising facts about the tiny hummingbirds that sound so sweet and look so pretty.

Cardinals Like To Cover Themselves With Ants

This is quite surprising and weird as well but the cardinals like to cover themselves with dead or living ants. They smear ants on their feathers and also they let these tiny creatures crawl over their bodies. While researchers are still not sure why they do this but it is said that they use the formic acid that is secreted during this ant bath to get free from any parasites or lice that is in their body. So, basically they use the ants for their own benefit and so that they can feel comfortable and get rid of unwanted parasites.


These are the cool facts about birds that you must know and these cool facts about birds are astonishing and amazing as well. You can read more about birds and their beauty. Birds are beautiful creations of god and we should never harm or hurt a bird as they are essential for the ecosystem and they are as much a part of the planet as we are.

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